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  1. I have the Mirena.

    I would say I'm really happy with it because it is painless, has given me zero periods since insertion, is affordable, and is worry-free.

    But I developed bad cystic acne from it and am annoyed enough that I will most likely not be getting another put in when it is time to take this one out (in 3 years).

    Instead, my husband will be getting snipped. :D

  2. Families can be the worst.

    I think if I broke out in hives or went into anaphylactic shock after eating gluten, they'd get it.

    People understand peanut allergies. No one gives someone with a peanut allergy grief for asking about the oil they fry their french fries in.

    You are 100% not alone here. So sorry that your family is so unsupportive.

    Give them some time. My family was incredibly unsupportive at first, but after they've seen me get better (even if they didn't realize how sick I was to begin with) and stick to the diet for 3 years, they're loads more understanding and accommodating.

    The biggest thing I think that will win them over is when they see you sticking to the diet 100%. It's easy to think someone is blowing things out of proportion, but when they see you sticking to your diet through every inconvenience, it becomes more "real".

  3. I just looked at their website and it looks like the only products affected are the Quakes and mini rice cakes. The ingredients for the lightly salted rice cakes (which is the only flavor I eat) are still just rice and salt. But I will be sure to look at the ingredients for every package I buy just in case.

    WTF is the deal with companies deciding that in order to be healthier, they have to add whole wheat to everything? Furthermore, what is the deal with the rest of the country thinking whole wheat is better than whole grain brown rice? ARGGGGH.

  4. Technically I have coffee for breakfast since I don't usually get around to eating until 10 or 11 AM.

    But when I do eat, I usually have one of two things (on weekdays):

    protein shake

    - soymilk

    - frozen blueberries

    - protein powder

    - 1/2 frozen banana

    - 1/4 c. plain nonfat yogurt

    - 2 large kale leaves

    - handful baby spinach

    yogurt mess

    - fage 2%

    - 2 T. walnuts

    - 1/2 c. frozen blueberries

    On weekends, my favorite breakfast is a mexican-inspired omelet:

    - 6 egg whites

    - 2 T. cottage cheese

    - 1 c. chopped tri colored peppers

    - big handful baby spinach

    - mexican spices (cumin, chipotle, etc.)

    Cook, then top with mexican blend cheese. Yum!

  5. About a week and a half ago, I was getting ready for be and brushing my teeth. I happened to look in the mirror and see a small indention in one of my front teeth in the center of the tooth, near the top. At first I thought it was a speck of food or something but upon further inspection, I realized that a small piece of my tooth had chipped off. I've had the bottom of my teeth (or the top, if it's a bottom tooth), chip a tiny bit but didn't know that it was really possible to have the surface of your tooth chip.

    I've been gluten-free for nearly 3 years. I've been glutened a lot recently and am wondering if I have some major nutritional deficiencies. I'm a healthy eater - get loads of veggies, lots of protein, plenty of calcium (through skim milk and yogurt), etc. and I take a multivitamin plus extra magnesium daily.

    Is this a Celiac problem or something random that happened to me? I need to make a dentist appointment for next week to check on this.

  6. I don't think tough love is what you need. Most of us mourned the loss of regular food before (and after!) we went gluten-free.

    Eating gluten-free doesn't have to be super inconvenient. I don't like to cook much (thank goodness I have a husband who plays around in the kitchen once or twice a week) so I eat quick foods like omelets, sandwiches on gluten-free bread, salads, frozen gluten-free mac n cheese (Amy's brand), yogurt with berries, etc. I also grill a bunch of chicken breasts at once and eat them over the next week (you could do this with really any meat).

    I think those of you that are asymptomatic have it the worst. A good portion of the reason I stick to a gluten-free diet is fear of getting sick. Give it a try, though - it's really not as horrible as it seems and it gets easier every day. Most of us that have been gluten-free for a while find it totally second nature.