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  1. I too am corn-intolerant. I am OK with little tiny bits in my thyroid medicine but nothing beyond that. I can't have "natural flavors" in any processed foods or anything definitely corn-derived.

    In fact, I pretty much steer clear of any processed foods that don't have a recognizable list of ingredients.

    I also cannot have Xanthan Gum, which is mostly corn-derived. I react more strongly to it than to other corn items and it was the first clue that I had a corn problem...

  2. My family has a tradition of making Eggs Benedict together every Christmas morning. Our Hollandaise recipe is naturally gluten-free and I've never had a problem with it.

    I look forward to this breakfast all year long - it's the only time I eat it and is probably one of my overall favorite meals.

    This morning we had agreed to be at my parents' house at 10. We got a call about 9:50 from my Dad saying that they'd started breakfast and it would be ready about the time we got there.


    My parents are clueless about cooking gluten-free. They use the wrong pans if not instructed, set cooking spoons on top of pieces of bread, use wooden spoons... I could go on and on. The fact that they cooked it without me meant I could not safely eat anything they made. I told them last night that I would not eat anything that I (or my husband) didn't prepare because I consistently got sick when I didn't follow that rule. They KNEW that.

    I was absolutely, completely crushed. Not only is the breakfast a tradition but preparing it TOGETHER is a tradition. Add to that the fact that I was already starving and the only grocery store in the area that we could find open was a Tom Thumb (not exactly known for having a bunch of gluten-free items). I couldn't help myself - I cried. My husband called my sister and told them that we'd be another hour or so because we'd have to find me something to eat. My sister tried to try to get us to come over anyway and said they'd stop the preparation at that point, but that wouldn't have helped anything unless they'd completely scrapped everything they'd prepared thus far, which wasn't an option because of the ingredients.

    Miraculously we found some gluten-free english muffins at Tom Thumb and some peanut butter, so we showed up at my parents house with something for me to eat and I was fine. But my mother was pissed off all day and at one point, when I asked her if she would get me some water, said: "Did you bring your own glass? Are you sure you can use our glass?" in the most snotty way... which makes me think that she thinks this is all me being over dramatic, which in turn makes me wonder how careful she ever is when she makes me something since she apparently doesn't think it's a real problem.

    It sucked. I don't know what I could have done better. I think I've really created problems for myself because I've never wanted to seem too demanding, so they have never had to really make major accommodations for me. If I hadn't been hungry, it wouldn't have been a big deal - I would have just not eaten. But being hungry and not being able to eat and seeing them eat my favorite meal that is technically gluten-free... what a way to celebrate a holiday.

    I know I'm being a little emotional about this... I'm just so upset that my parents that know better would do this. I'm not mad at them - they didn't do it to be cruel, they just didn't think. I'm just upset that it happened and that I missed out on my favorite meal.

    What a horrible day. I didn't want to let missing breakfast ruin the day (and it didn't, for me) but my mother's reaction and mood all day definitely did. :(

  3. Just wanted to let you all know that I had a reaction 3 days in a row (yes, sadly it took me that long to identify what it was) to the Target brand Gas X. The ingredients all look perfectly fine, but there must be something else there they aren't listing.

    It wasn't a full-on glutening reaction, so it could be one of my secondary allergies, but it felt more like a glutening than anything else.

    Anyway, just beware of this product. It's worth it to pay more for the real thing!

  4. like deli meat that is cut for you? like turkey and ham. i had a message to me that instantly made me paranoid, since the way i see it, once your glutened you have to "restart" the process. anyone know about it? thanks.

    It's risky. I've had luck before but at least half the time I end up getting CC even if the person had cleaned the slicer.

    Unfortunately, prepacked lunch meat just isn't the same.

    I guess I could buy a meat slicer and do it myself.

  5. I don't think my answer is going to be popular, but here it goes.

    I suck it up. I go out with the group and don't eat. I order coffee or hot tea and make conversation.

    If we're traveling, I make sure that somehow I get a rental and drive myself to a grocery store where I buy food for the week. Or we stop by Starbucks a couple times a day and I live on nonfat lattes and the fruit cups.

    Bottom line is most people don't understand the disease and can't understand how important it is that we be completely gluten-free.

  6. Sorry about your rash! Here's what I use:


    Bumble & Bumble Gentle Shampoo and Super Rich Conditioner


    L'Oreal Vive Pro Glossy Volume Shampoo & Conditioner


    Kerastase Bain Miroir Shampoo & Chroma Reflect Conditioner

    Deep Conditioner

    Garnier Fructis Color Shield


    L'Oreal Vive Glossy something


    Oil of Olay Normal Skin body wash

    Face Wash

    Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

  7. I was dx with Hashimoto's 10 years ago, when I was 13, long before I got sick and even longer before I was dx Celiac. My thyroid antibodies were 30x the normal amount, which should have clued my doctors to Celiac when I did start getting sick. But that's a moot point now...

    Anyway, I've been on levothyroxine or synthroid for many years, without a problem. I currently take 175 mcg/day. I also have a goiter.

    Are you seeing an endocrinologist? I think it's really important to see someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to thyroid. I've seen family practice docs to treat thyroid before and it has always resulted in my meds being adjusted and my feeling awful because it was too high or low. I currently see Dr. Steven Dofman in Dallas and he is one of the most highly regarded endocrinologists in the country.

  8. My $0.02 is that you've not been gluten-free long enough to gauge whether something is gluten-free by reading the ingredients. I'd stick to whole foods or foods that you have verified to be gluten-free.

    I don't eat corn so "natural flavors" is pretty much a no-go for me even if the product is gluten-free. Generally, I don't do well with products that have ambiguous ingredients.

  9. I'm going to get flamed, but I feel the need to pipe in...

    I do not think it is unreasonable to politely ask (I find that joking is more effective) that no one put gluteny crumbs on your invoices or touch your calculator while holding a hunk of french bread. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask that, if possible, lunch meetings be held at restaurants that have gluten-free options. I don't even think it is unreasonable to ask that if lunch is being catered in, could they please order something special for you so you can eat too.

    But I do not think it is up to the rest of the world to go out of their way for us. Sure, if it is not a big deal, it's nice for someone to think of us. I do not believe that it is up to my company to change their practices or day-to-day procedures simply because I can't eat (or touch, or breathe in) gluten. That is not their problem.

    At work, I pretend that everything is a potential glutening. I never eat anything at work that I have to touch with my hands. I've seen people sit at my desk, eating a donut and touching my mouse and I usually say something jokingly and that person typically doesn't do it again.

    I think it is impractical to expect my employer to change their practices in any way just for me, but I do expect them to be understanding when I make my own arrangements.

  10. Red Robin is one of our staples, too. It is one of the only restaurants that I can count on with any sort of confidence.

    Be sure to ask for an updated gluten-free menu and keep checking the website, though. About a year and a half ago, the ranch dressing and Red Robin seasoning (which is on their fries and burger patties unless you request them to leave it off) was gluten-free and now it's not. No wonder I got sick every.single.time we went for months on end. We finally tried it again after a 6 month hiatus and discovered that they'd changed their suppliers and I'd not checked the updated menu! (It's been several months now since I discovered the updated gluten-free items).

  11. Hi everyone!

    I'm traveling a lot for work right now and am having a tough time figuring out what to eat. I'm in our OKC office for a few days every couple weeks (lately it's been every week, but that won't be forever). I try to avoid restaurants at all costs because I get sick 99% of the time (unless I order something worthless like a plain side salad, no dressing). I don't have a mini-fridge in the hotel room but do have a fridge at the office that I can stock (I currently have a few Amy's meals in the freezer). The problem is I'm often only in town for 1 to 3 days, so making a large grocery run isn't practical.

    I've been living off of Larabars for dinner/snacks, which isn't practical or healthy. I don't eat corn and try to limit my grains. I fly so anything I bring will have to fit in a suitcase, which I baggage-check.

    Any help would be much appreciated. :)

  12. Oh boy, what haven't I done!?!?

    I cried once when my Mother made her famous "cheesy potatoes" which are naturally gluten-free. I'd watched her make them and had approved all the ingredients. I left the kitchen to go to the bathroom and came back only to find her pouring them into a stoneware pan to bake in the oven. That stoneware pan has had more brownies baked in it over the years and is definitely not gluten-free. I felt so sorry for myself for not being able to eat them that I made an excuse to take a shower and cried in the bathroom.