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  1. from the Doc. Your gluten test came back positive which could mean you have gluten disease or celiac. To be definitive , a biopsy of your intestines would need to be done. Given this result, I would recommend a gluten free diet to see if this will help eliminate your diarrhea. If not , we may wish to proceed with a biopsy of your intestine to further work this u
  2. Hi All - Recent blood work came back positive for Gluten Sensitivity. The doctor wants me to go gluten-free to see if it helps with my symptom. Do I need to 110% gluten-free? Is it ok if I go to a friend house and not ask about the entire menu and how it was prepared? IE 7 layer bean dip. It is my understanding some beans can get cross contaminated. Do I need to forgo all together or is it ok to have the bean dip? This seems ok to me, gulping down pizza is another story. Ideas? All or none? Thanks Lark