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  1. Paracetamol has, potato starch, pregelatinized maize starch, talc, coloidal silica and magnesium stearate (can be corn derived), in. I am gluten free and corn free so am unable to take it due to the corn derivitive.
  2. Pleased to meet you but sad you have this problem. I too am having cellulose issues and the BONE PAIN IS AWFUL, all the way down my body from neck to hips, tailbone and groin with awful pain when sitting, not to mention sleeping and stiffness AND diarroa. The symptoms are the same as my gluten attacks. Yes its in EVERYTHING, Pharmacueticals, foods and YES, also completely indigestible to humans. Now waiting for 6 wks to see Allergist. Manufacturers are killing us just to prolong shelf life and make money.
  3. I am reacting to cellulose in all my meds...a horrendous journey and a lengthy one. After having my second compound script done in Vegie capsules I have found out the capsule is made with Hydroxypropylmethyl callulose as one of the ingredients. I have intense burning pain from neck to tailbone, peripheral neuropathy up to my knees, burning insides and diarrhea. Been off my meds for a month now trying to sort it, not fun. Waiting another 6 wks yet to see allergist. I am also gluten free and these symptoms are same as gluten.
  4. I am GLUTEN/CORN FREE and not able to take Paediatric liquid meds because they contain CORN/MAIZE based derivitaves unfortunately otherwise that would be my problem solved with fillers starches and additives, how I wish. I always check the so called INACTIVE INGREDIENTS to find out hidden additives. CELLULOSE/FIBRE/GEL/GUM comes from plant fibres, (Corn, Pine, and others), which is also nearon impossible for people like myself who are HYPOTHYROID to digest and so the reason for my awful reactions.
  5. Lucylou2013

    Yeast Extract

    Oooooo Yeast grown on corn, didn't know that. I am Gluten/Corn free. Just goes to show you have to be a detective and NEVER let your guard down and even then you can still get sick from so called HIDDEN ingredients.
  6. I am presently having multiple allergy reactions and had Thyroid script compounded to remove corn deritaves only to find I reacted for 4 days with top to toe chronic pain and stiffness, no sleep, a tailbone that was soooo painful I could hardly sit on and chronic restless irritable legs, body and mind, as I did when corn was in it. (I also react to gluten with the same symptoms but with 3 to 4 more days of diarrhea to follow). My Compound Chemist suspected I was reacting to microcrystalline cellulose and has now redone my Thyroid script again replacing it with rice. So far so good, no reaction as yet. I take 5 scripts and both corn and Microcrystaline cellulose are in them all. Its going to be an extremely expensive ongoing exercise from now on. No PBS meds now, Pensioner or not.