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  1. Hey guys. Was diagnosed with coeliac disease yesterday. It seems that i'm relatively young for this (I'm 19). My doctor has of course recommended that I begin a gluten-free diet and pay a visit to a dietitian. I'm going to be completely honest the thought of having to give up burgers, sausages, cakes, beer and vodka etc absolutely sucks to me. The thing which annoys me is that my symptoms have never been that bad. I do feel gassy and get mild stomach cramps as well as going to toilet quite often (around 4 times per day) but it nothing that i can't deal with and has never impacted on my ability to live life to the fullest. Iv'e read in the last few days that continuing to eat gluten can cause other issues in the future but i would like to know how significant these are. I'm really just trying to justify eliminating mild symptoms which i can very easily deal with and at the same time giving up food that I love for the rest of my life. So at the end of the day is it worth it??? The thing about alcohol is also very important as this will be catastrophic to my social life. Thanks in advance!