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  1. My daughter was diagnosed last August. Some things I do when we are dining out are that I pack a few essentials depending on where we are going. If we were going to Texas Roadhouse, I’d pack her a couple Udi’s dinner rolls and some butter. If also pack her a baggie of her gluten free croutons so ...
  2. My daughter was diagnosed via scoping and biopsy in August. Her levels in June were over 100. She’s now at 28 when she was tested earlier this month. It sounds like you’re on track and your numbers are lowering. My daughter’s Dr. was pleased with her results. Hang in there. We’ve been told it...
  3. My daughter’s levels were over 100 when she was tested last summer. She was also positive on her scoping. They retested her levels this month and now they are down to 28. They go down when you stop eating gluten.
  4. My daughter who is 9 and newly diagnosed went on a secret gluten binge about a month ago. I had her gluten free cupcakes in a package next to the gluten containing cupcakes. She decided to test it out and ate 3 or 4 mini gluten filled cupcakes in about 10 minutes. She ended up super sick...
  5. We are pretty new to the Gluten Free world, but here’s what I have experienced so far: I found gluten-free seasoning packets by McCormick at Stater Bros. I use the Turkey Gravy, Brown Gravy, Taco & Chili Seasonings. They are all very good. I discovered that McCormick Grill Mates B...
  6. Hi, I’m new here! My daughter was diagnosed in August. She loves making her yearly gingerbread house. Does anyone know where to find a gluten free one? She doesn’t eat the walls, but I’m not so sure she should be exposed to all that wheat. Any ideas?