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  1. Hi, i have been struggling to get over a gluten cc issue for the last few weeks (been eating whole foods no dairy/ oats etc) I went for a blood test this week as the numbness and tingling can’t back and it showed a slightly under active thyroid (6.41 MI/UL) with low tS4 pmol (11.6) Could t...
  2. Hi guys l, does anyone recommend a particular brand for l-glutamine? I’ve heard it helps when you have been glutened (like now ☹️/ argh! ) but can’t seem to find a product (in the uk) which is gluten-free. Many thanks Fi xx
  3. I am just wondering as I am experiencing neuropathy for the first time since going gluten free ... normally if I accidentally get glutened it will be my stomach that reacts first. Do people find your response and symptoms depend on what you eat? I currently have a numb hand/ pins and...
  4. Hi just a quick update - I heard back from General Mills from their European branch ... they said I shouldn’t worry as the European rules are much stricter than in America and offered me vouchers.... they didn’t comment on the fact that this seems to imply they simply are doing the bare minimum req...
  5. Yes to all the above- normally I can eat gluten-free oats as long as I’m not suffering from a gluten reaction already. I’m actually based in the uk and a friend brought me them from America... I hadn’t seen them on sale here so perhaps they Didn’t meet European good safety standards. I’ve t...
  6. Hi all just wanted to put it out there that I had a reaction from a box of “gluten free” honey nut Cheerios - the expiry date on the box is nov 2019. Having googled I can see that there have been questions raised about this product before. Anyway AVOID!!!!!! Fi x
  7. Cool thanks, I will only go for the dry ones in the future. I did find a couple of posts on a different website from someone who had the same issue.
  8. Hi all, I have some questions about the logic behind the biopsy... if it can take months or years to heal from celiac, surely damage would still show up even if you hadn't recently completed a gluten challenge and had only recently gone gluten free? Is the definition of celiac damage...
  9. Ah ok, the bloating was fairly extreme and immediate.. which is quite unusual for me as normally there is a 24hr delay. Maybe I just overloaded my system.
  10. Thanks for all the replies everyone - its very useful to have the support, particularly as my gp today said 'a tiny but if gluten three times won't cause an upst stomach for weeks' I just wanted to print off the entire forum for him to read!!
  11. Ta! Gosh darn it! Still suffering from a string of cc incidents 4 weeks later...I'm still fairly new at this so am falling into all the obvious traps it seems! Thanks for the tips
  12. Hi guys, I just wondering if anyone has found that lentils can be an easy source of cross contamination? The particular brand was merchant organic pre-cooked bought at Waitrose. I am 99% certain they were the issue but I hadn't heard of lentils being a risk in the same way as oats....
  13. Hi guys, Hope your all good just looking for a bit of support and information..How long do you take to recover from a glutening through cc? been gluten free free for about 9 months awaiting a biopsy to confirm celiac. Have been recovering well so far but accidentally got glutened through...