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  1. So I was told I had celiac disease based on my blood test results about a month ago but today I was told my biopsy showed no evidence of celiac. I asked my doctor what that meant and she had no clue. Apparently shes making a referral for me to see a new set of specialists but who knows how long that will take. I asked if I could go back to eating gluten or not and I was told I could "Try it and see if it upsets me" but gluten never gave me any stomach upset in the first place so that seems irrelevant. Did anyone else here have positive blood test and negative biopsy results? Did you go back t
  2. So I was recently diagnosed and my partner doesnt seem to care much about it. He seems unwilling to learn what celiac is, doesnt seem to be listening when I try to explain its more then just an allergy and keeps trying to one up me when I say my stomach hurts with his IBS. This is an extremely frustrating time for me made harder by his rudeness and Im not sure how to deal with it. I think its important for the person I share a living space/kitchen with to understand it but I could be wrong. I asked him to make a small sacrifice today. I asked if next time he orders pizza, to consider order
  3. Im shocked to hear it wasnt covered but it honestly explains a lot and Im truly enraged. My doctor watched me drop weight dramatically, she watch me suffer, sent me to the emergancy room more then once because I needed IV fluids or I physically couldnt leave on my own I was so dizzy/weak. And every time I asked her to test me for digestive issues I was brushed off and told it would blow over and I just had anxiety. I lost 30 pounds in less then 2 months (and to begin with I was never overweight, never have been in my entire life) so I didnt really have 30 pounds to lose. It was only on the 4th
  4. Hello! Im also new and from Ontario! Always looking for tips and advice on how to cope, what to eat, how to explain when people ask me what celiac is lol
  5. I also live in toronto and was looking for a forum exactly like this so thank you for posting it! Im very newly diagnosed so I dont have many recommendations but I enjoy Basil box, its 100% gluten free so no stress when you order! I also enjoy aromas gluten free bread (you have to request it but its delicious), also there hibiscus in kensington market. They pretty much only do crepes and soup but they are 100% gluten free with many vegan options.
  6. Im not sure about if its safe or not? (Im one of those that does not feel the symptoms of being glutened) but Ive tasted it and it tastes horrible. Its like eating heated cardboard and nothing like their normal pizza. Or any decent pizza for that matter. If youre going to risk cross contamination for pizza I highly recommend trying literally anything else. seriously the worst pizza ive ever had
  7. As I am very new to the gluten free lifestyle I was hoping there were others on this site from Canada that may be able to suggest places we can eat safely? Restaurants and grocery recommendations are highly appreciated. I also know pretty much nothing about what foods are and arent gluten free. Ice cream? bubble tea? chili? cheesecake? are any of these safe? What are the best gluten free (or places that accommodate gluten free well) restaurants in Canada?
  8. I hope it gets easier soon, I just had to get rid of so many of the foods I loved and it was depressing to say the least. This list youve given me is very reassuring, the only issue is I live in Canada so I dont have in and out, or PF changs but when I do visit the states I can keep that in mind!! we have Udis for sure, Ive never seen shar but Ill keep an eye out for it next time I go shopping. Thank you so much!
  9. Thank you for the advice! I did learn I have a few deficiencies including vitamin K which I didnt even know was a thing but thats from the starvation (I think). My stomach still isnt tolerating vegtables which is weird so Im just going with very bland things and hoping Ill get stronger but I havent had a raw veggie in 4 months so that may take some time. Ill try out more rice and soups, so far I can only get squash soup down and not much of it but its something.
  10. I recently learned it is not my only issue, it seems i now also have pcos and a few small complications, its going to take time to learn how to manage all of it
  11. Your symtoms sound so much like mine its scary, I tested positive for it recently however it wasnt the only issue. I also have pcos, depression, and possibly endomirtiosis. I also have the daily nausea, it was at the point they tested me over 10 times in 3 months for pregnancy (annoying af). They kept telling me it was my anxiety and/or I had an eating disorder and nothing more. The only reason they started testing me for celiac is extreme weightloss and vitamin deficiency, it got to the point where I have to go to the ER ever few weeks for IV fluids and ondasetron (probably spelt that wrong,
  12. Hi there, I was just diagnosed (well sort of, the blood test was positive and the nurse said she was nearly certain based on what she saw in the biopsy but are waiting results from the samples) and Im dealing with a lot of the emotional stress with seemingly none of the support. I have received next to no info on how to actually go gluten free from any doctor and that is only part of the problem. Im wondering how long I could have possibly had this? Ive had symptoms that dont actually match celiac disease very well but closely enough? for years but none of them stem from eating foods containi
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