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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. DH and anxiety? Does anybody have any thoughts or knowledge on a relationship between increase in anxiety/phobias and gluten? I'm only just into the diagnosis stage yet but I've upped my gluten in take x 10 the past few months leading up to my blood tests today and my anxiety (to be precise cleithrophobia) has been through the roof. It's lingered on and off in the background for years but I've never felt so close to panic attacks etc as I've done lately. Might be completely unrelated? I've also broken out in painful cystic acne, few on cheek and chin. 😔😔 I FINALLY had my blood tests today for coeliac and thyroid (nurse was unable to tell me what panels the Dr had asked for). Results follow up appointment next week. I had a mini elbow breakout this past week. As per my previous posts last month, I've been getting elbow bumps for 10 yrs but I've never had an outbreak so close to one ending before. Pictures of latest minisode below. As always, thoughts and expertise from you guys is much appreciated.
  2. Dyshidrotic Eczema

    Hi! Please check out the Dermatitis Herpetiformis forum on this website. I'm currently in the early stages of being tested/diagnosed. DH is skin presentation of coeliac and some people's can resemble dishydrotic eczema but is often very itchy, bilateral and sometimes painful. I'm not an expert at all so you best head to the DH forum https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/forum/26-dermatitis-herpetiformis/
  3. DH exacerbated by sweat?

    Thank goodness you got a Dr in the end that recognised what was happening! I will have to see what my bloods show in January, I really hope they show coeliac, not because I want it but because I feel that's what this is! A fair few people yourself included Barbie have said my elbows remind them of theirs! The only thing I'm wondering is, mine never go bloody/open like yours and some other DH members on this forum. I can't stand the thought of scratching my elbows when they flare so I scratch around the bumps. With my back I can't help but scratch as the itch is wild and as it's a flat surface I feel less sickened by the thought of scratching my back and legs.
  4. What blood tests best for DH?

    Thank you squirmingitch I had my Drs app on Wednesday, it was over in 5 minutes after he looked at my pictures,heard my family history he booked me in for bloods for Coeliac and Hashimotos in the New Year. I'll wait and see what the results are (should have them by mid January) and I'll book a Drs app to discuss my results whatever they may be. I'll be prepared to press for further testing for sure!!
  5. DH exacerbated by sweat?

    Hi Barbie thanks for sharing your pictures and story! I'm glad gluten-free and dapsone have finally gotten you relief. How many years did you suffer with this? I've just finished a flare up of this as yet undiagnosed rash so I've the Dr booked me in for bloods tests in the NewYear although Awol and others on this forum have told me that Coeliac blood tests are not always "positive" for DH. I'll upload my latest elbows pics etc below.
  6. Thank you for all the feedback so far guys! ❤ I finally had my initial Dr appointment this afternoon. I walked in and said I'd like to be tested for DH/Coeliac. He took a look at my pictures (elbows, fingers, back), I gave him a 30 second outline of family history (various autoimmune incl. Crohn's, Hypothyroidism, Lupus, Gluten Intolerance etc). I didn't have to say anything else before he was booking me in for bloods for Coeliac & Hashimotos Thyroiditis. It was all over in 5 minutes and my blood test appointment is on 2nd Jan. I was expecting to be told about psoriasis & eczema etc etc and fobbed off but he just offered to book bloods straight away. I'm a bit surprised! Expected harder work. Almost seems too good to be true... I have no active lesions right now (yey but annoying timing) so can't biopsy. Anyone else care to share their experiences of trying to get diagnosed?
  7. DH exacerbated by sweat?

    Thanks Victoria. I never scratch my elbows (just run my fingers around the outside as I feel v.uneasy about scratching the bumps, like sickened, so it stops me scratching and my elbows are the least itchy). However when it's on my lower back or both calves I scratch like crazy!!! Could it be the iodine in sweat? I'm wondering now as I've been told on here that iodine foods can aggravate DH when injested.
  8. What blood tests best for DH?

    Thank you for the tips! Fingers crossed at the Drs app tomorrow they'll refer me for the bloods and/or biopsy and I'll continue on my gluten and add more iodine in the waiting time leading up!
  9. DH exacerbated by sweat? Any relation/connection there in your experienced opinions? If I flare up on my (as yet unidagnosed) lower back, it's hugely aggravated by exercise as I sweat on my lower back when I run so it makes it even itchier (100 times itchier)!! My youngest said it looks like "bubble wrap" on my lower back. Anyone else have experiences of DH (or other bumpy, red, itchy rashes) being irritated by sweat? (For anyone that's not read my previous posts I'm due to attend a provisional Drs appointment tomorrow regarding long standing itchy bilateral rashes & I have a family history of Coeliac, Crohn's, Lupus etc.)
  10. What blood tests best for DH?

    I've been watin I've been eating gluten my whole life (pretty much) and I meant that the last 4 weeks especially (when my rash was flared up again and I was led the possibility of DH) I've eaten more gluten then normal everyday in preparation for getting tested at some point as I've read here that you need to eat gluten daily for the tests to work. I'm only seeing a Dr for an initial app on Wednesday, they won't conduct testing on the same day, I'll need to be booked in for bloods. I'm in the UK so I won't be paying for any of these tests. I just have been trying to gather information ahead of my Drs appointment so that they will refer me for Celiac testing. Hope that makes sense.
  11. What blood tests best for DH?

    Thanks for that info. Really helpful. I've been eating gluten everyday for about 4 weeks now and prior to me even considering DH I was regularly eating gluten unaware that it could be the problem!
  12. Hi all! I've had invaluable feedback on my first post "Look like DH? Bilateral Itchy Bumpy Elbows" where I've outlined my symtpoms and family history. My elbows are in "remission" following 5 weeks of bumpy rash, just in time for me to attend my Dr appointment on Wednesday. Luckily I have lots of pictures of elbows and other rashes and I've learnt a lot from this forum. My question is now, what blood tests should I request from my Dr as they won't be able to biopsy my rash currently and I can't predict when it will come back next (with a vengence no doubt). Are the blood tests for DH different to those for "classic presentation" Celiac? I've heard it's your IgA and TCG; have I got that right?
  13. Hi All! I've had a chat on the phone to my mum in advance of my Drs appointment on Weds. Confirmed my family history: Mum = Hashimotos Thyroiditis Lactose intolerant Gluten intolerant IBS IgA Nephropathy (Kidneys) Diabetes Uncle: Crohns Disease & Coeliac Aunty: IBS & Osteoporosis Uncle: Hughes syndrome (sticky blood immune condition) Aunty: Lupus So basically out of the 6 siblings including my mum, they all have autoimmune diseases. She also told me that as a young child I had a diagnosed episode of anaemia and flipped between constipation and in her words "floaty, pale, whipped stools" Blood tests were done but no firm diagnosis and from age 6 or 7 my bowel habits seemed to balance out. Do you guys think any of this is relevant in your experience?