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  1. Terrifying Dreams And Gluten

    This s$#& happened to me A LOT too, before I knew the connection between the gut and brain, and how gluten intolerant people can be driven to even a state of schizophrenia when they are eating gluten over time. I think the dreams play on our worst subconscious fears. I was heavily indoctrinated at a young age with Christianity (I'm not longer a religious or spiritual person), and so obviously I'd have nightmares that God was going to send me to hell or that he was going to punish me in certain ways. So mine is a bit different, even though I did have a ton of nightmares at times, what I mainly had were HYPNOPOMPIC and HYPNAGOGIC HALLUCINATIONS. The hypnopompic ones were the most prevalent for me (and still are at times when I've been glutened or eat too late at night). I would be having a normal regular dream, and then right before I woke up, it would change and I'd snap awake, seeing numbers or hearing voices. I woke up on February 28, 2013 for example, hearing the words 'I HATE YOU'. It was almost like a whisper in my ear. At that time I was still pretty religious minded, and I thought it was God telling me that he hated me. I would wake up other times and have epiphanies of things I wasn't consciously aware of in my waking life. The things I'd start thinking about as I woke up were terrifying, like God was going to torture me in certain ways once I die because I walked away from Christianity and I stayed in 'sin.' It was all so stupid because I know Christianity is false now, but those subconscious fears are still deep seated inside of me from being indoctrinated at a young age. I also read another story from a female who has celiac. She wrote her story back in 2012 (which I'll link below). She said she would have hypnopompic hallucinations upon waking, where she'd see dead people standing in her room. She had been seeing these dead people from as far back as she can remember as a child. Once she went gluten free, those hallucinations went away. Here is the link to read that below http://www.nourishedhealth.com/my-story-gluten-intolerance/
  2. I was tested (last year 2016) for all of my sensitivities. Casein and Gluten obviously were heavy in my results. Before I got tested, I kind of suspected, because my mom tested positive for Celiac Disease. Before I went gluten free / dairy free, I was having a ton of symptoms, ranging from canker sores, trouble breathing, feeling like I was about to choke on every bite of food, feeling like I was about to swallow my tongue, seborrhoeic dermatitis (especially in mustache area), dry skin, numbness in extremities like legs, hands, arms and feet, chills, extreme sickness, losing weight, insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, diarrhea, constant acid reflux / GERD, hiccups, etc.. I mean I had the whole gamut of issues. But this one issue really is the worst for me and I always wonder if other people with Celiac or Casein intolerance have this too. Whenever I get glutened or ingest casein, I'll be very paranoid and fearful, and it usually begins as I'm waking up from sleep. I'll have what's known as a hypnopompic hallucination and it's typically as I'm coming out of sleep (half asleep / half awake), I'll have a deep epiphany about something and it'll feel like God is judging me or God has shown me something that I don't want to see. I no longer subscribe to any religious faiths, though at one time I was an extreme Christian. But I wake up shaking, with my heart beating fast and feel very terrified for the rest of the day. I'll be obsessing over what I felt like God was showing me in that epiphany, like I'm about to go to hell or something. After going gluten free and dairy free, I no longer have these issues, which proved to me that they weren't a real 'spiritual phenomena.' I have been gluten free for almost a year now and decided to try eating a GLUTEN FREE pizza two days ago. Nothing happened the night I ate the pizza, but this morning (2 days later), I got another hypnopompic hallucination dealing with spiritual things again. So now I know that's the culprit. I was wondering if others here have had anything similar happen? They wake up thinking God is speaking to them or showing them something or they see dead people or any spooky s$#& like that.