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  1. recently my mom has been having very swollen feet. she is nearly a year into recovery and being gluten free. she is taking all her vitamins. please help me
  2. sarahapril224

    vomiting ALL foods with celiac??

    you mentioned the environment thing.. she’s with family members in the house and they still all eat gluten. but when making her food hands are washed, and all foods are kept seperately. she doesn’t FEEL glutened, just always pukey and sometimes even puking. more like dry heaving? i guess
  3. I made this account to ask this question and i dont know if this is the right place but please help Someone I know was diagnosed about 1 year ago and she’s getting worse I think. Everything she eats she vomits whether it’s glutened or not. I’m really worried!! Always feeling pukey which she says is normal but this pukey!!? she cant even take pills please please PLEASE someone help!! edit: she’s taking b12, d3, and a few others that aren’t for main things just like side affects. - sa