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  1. The MRSA germ is killed by bleach and water. The best way to avoid an MRSA infection is with old fashioned soap and water and washing for a long enough period of time (as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice). If you know you might be in contact with someone with an MRSA infection (like...
  2. The best way to clean your hands is with old fashioned soap and water. To get them really clean, you should wash them for as long as it takes you to sing Happy Birthday two times. Hand sanitizers should not replace hand washing but they do a very good job of killing germs if washing is not possible...
  3. My daughter is having a craving for shredded wheat (her favorite cereal prior to the diagnosis) - does anyone know if there is a gluten free alternative? Thanks so much!
  4. I emailed Snapple a couple days ago wondering about their drinks. They wrote back and said that everything they make is gluten free.
  5. Freeda brand vitamins/supplements are free of soy/dairy/gluten. I was told about them from a nutritionist I took my daughter to when she was first diagnosed last week. She gave me a form to order directly from them but I don't have it with me now - sorry. They probably have a website - I haven't...