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  1. pemlhs1201

    Help with Not Feeling Crazy

    I want to thank everyone so much for reaching out. I really appreciate it. It's great to know that I am not the only that suffers with these symptoms. So thank you all so much for the insight. I am definitely going to do some more research about alternative things to take to supplement my brain function, like magnesium. I have spoken with my doctors about it all and I've pretty much gotten the "you can try whatever you want, everyone is different and everything reacts different." I will just be keeping a close eye on what is happening to my body and hopefully find somethings to help me out. Matt, I want to thank you very specifically for this statement. This is something that I am repeating to myself over and over so I remember that this will pass. I am very thankful you reached out and provided me with some sort of strategy to get me through this. I feel like we all know what we are suppose to do to keep ourself healthy, but sometimes it just doesn't work, and no matter what you try to do fix it, it continues to be broken. So reminding myself that this time will pass and to just keep working to make it better really helps have motivation to continue to want to do better. Thank you all again so much and I will keep you posted about what's going on. Being young, and uneducated about all of this, and dealing with issues that I feel like most people will never experience is difficult and I am so glad to be able to talk to others that share my situation and can understand me.
  2. pemlhs1201

    Help with Not Feeling Crazy

    I apologize for the confusion. I do not eat gluten. I am on a very strict gluten free diet. However, I have recently been exposed to it for around a month now and I am not sure how but I am working to fix that and make sure my diet is again completely gluten free. I believe that the causes are due to celiacs based off of how I feel on and off gluten and physical examinations of my gut and brain function by the doctors. When my body is clean I do not have mood swings or depression and haven’t had these issues for almost 4 years. But during this exposure I am experiencing extreme mood swings, anger for no logical reason and hate for myself. Which again I experience before celiac diagnosis and now that I have been clean I haven’t had the issues until this point. So I’m seeing if others experience the same thing and how they deal with it and how they communicate to others during a time like this. Hope that clarified some things
  3. Hello, Thank you for reading my post and any feed back anyone can give. I apologize ahead of time if it's a little all over the place. I recently have had an exposure to gluten and it fully effects my brain function so I am a little all over the place. Well, I am 29 years old and I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost 5 years ago. My processes of discovering I was Celiac positive mostly involved my arthritis in my knees, however, after the diagnosis and removing gluten completely from my diet, I realized how much it affected my brain function. I went from a really depressed, bipolar, suicidal person to someone who is smiling, laughing and truly happy a majority of the time. The biggest things I have run into after my diagnosis are memory loss or lack of memory, and significant mood changes if exposed for too long, both of which are really hard for me to explain to people, especially friends who may be dealing with my faults directly. Most of the time I am really good about my diet. I try my hardest to not eat out, clean the counters before I make dinner, and avoid all gluten products. I also tend to not eat gluten free products either and I don't drink. So being exposed to gluten for a long enough period of time for my brain to be struggling is a big deal for me and frankly pretty damn scary. My doctors have done many tests in the past couple days, the most important one for this subject is the scan of the function of my brain, or lack there of. Right now my brain's function has diminished about 25% of normal, some parts are over compensating and other parts are pretty much not working correctly. I am having a hard time fighting my own demons, convincing myself that people believe I am some awful person, when I know for a fact that none of those words have been said to me, especially lately, yet I conjure up that that is what people think. Anyway, I am in search of some help, mostly people I can talk to that may be experiencing the same thing. How do you explain to people you are struggling with a mental disorder that is controlled simply by what you eat, when you know that they will never truly understand no matter how many different ways it’s explained? How do you explain to people you are sick when your brain can’t function well enough for you to realize it? and How do I not drive myself crazy while my body recovers from my exposure? If someone can lay some insight as to what is going on that would be so helpful, or even just talk me through it that would be great too. Thank you for your time.