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About Me

I’m a 56 yr old New Zealander of Scottish, Welsh and Irish descent living in the Philippines. I first started having a gut reaction to gluten at 52 yrs, pinned down the cause at 54 yrs and I believe that long standing idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, headaches, “allergies” and skin complaints since teenage years may be caused by gluten.

  1. Geoff01

    Rice? !!!

    After the onset of gut problems over 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac. After some experimentation over months (years) I have shown that wheat, rye, barley hurt me. But that Oats, even gluten-free oats hurt me. And now I have realised that I get bloating from RICE!. Living in asia that...
  2. Thanks. I think? Given that rampant T cell response to ~20ppm gluten appears likely to cause nerve damage for some weeks to months after, I'm still not convinced. I have too much permanent damage to the long nerves already to be an experiment.
  3. This vaccine is all very well and may stop vili destruction but I have significant nerve damage from gluten. I would wonder whether such a vaccine would stop the nerve damaging effects as effectively as a gluten-free diet... the gut reactions are the least of my problems.
  4. Gluten occurs in wheat, rye and barley but all cereals have similar poisonous proteins designed to stop animals from feasting on their seeds. Oats have avenin, rice has orzenin, corn has zein. I seem ok with corn on the cob but I react to corn flour, probably because of the higher conc of bio-available...
  5. Dr Ford, Insightful comments! I wish more doctors were as well read as you. I live in the Philippines and I've never had any real help from doctors here but my reasoning has been confirmed as reasonable by a GP and a Neurologist (I'm a scientist and able to understand the biology and genetics...
  6. Lectins! Look up lectin intolerance (hint: gluten is a lectin). Huge in legumes. I love my hummus and haven’t noticed this but I do react to beans generally and peanuts. Time for a hummus experiment.
  7. Moggy, sounds like you ate a prepared, processed, quinoa meal. I suspect cross contamination. Having said that, some quinoa strains have been tested as having levels of gluten or gluten like proteins that may cause distress. I assume that a Co preparing gluten-free meals would know this and...
  8. I’m with Ennis. I get bloated and queasy from beans, and recently found that peanuts give me terrible dreams, bloating etc and spoil the next day. On looking them up, legumes are heavily loaded with lectins. Gluten is a lectin so it’s not surprising that some of us react to lectins other than glu...
  9. Geoff01

    Brain Lesions

    Great Advice! Also see Dr Hajivassiliou on YouTube and search out from there. It’s a great resource. Research, become an expert. Most doctors don’t have the training to help us. I have UBOs that look like migraine caused, cerebellum damage verging on ataxia, neuropathy in my hands and feet, ob...
  10. Hi Bree and JustJ. I’m the same! Never been formally diagnosed as celiac. But boy do I get sick when glutened. The gut reactions came on as an adult. 50ish but I’ve had neuropathy in my legs since I was 25. Although it has progressed slowly, no doctor has ever worked out the cause. My sister is ...
  11. Wow! I'm just seeing this 6 years later. I hope your brother got the memo before now or he may be in serious trouble. All his symptoms can be attributed to celiac disease and if that's the case, he could be a lot worse by now if he still lives on hamburgers and beer. Lots of good advice by all...
  12. Hi Kakaiba, I’m a New Zealander and I’ve lived in the Philippines for 16 years. It has become obvious over some years that I have celiac disease and I have gone gluten-free which is really hard here. I mostly cook at home. Good to know there’s a few others that we can share our stori...
  13. On furthermore reading and researching I realise that I’ve had Dermatitus hepatiformis at least twice in the last 9 years, both times I think before I started noticing celiac type gut reactions (diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, fatty stools). Interestingly the first time was while I was v...
  14. Hi, Its not so bad really! I really suggest that you don’t look for “normal food” gluten-free look alikes. Just make a break and put together a recipe list that suits you. I have also cut out sugar (still have honey in coffee) and red meat. I feel so much better. Look on Pinterest for p...
  15. Thanks Matt. I’ve also read the papers that suggest that the smallest amount of gluten is likely to perpetuate celiac disease damage. I seem to have most other aspects of my diet sorted. I’ll have to switch to GnT and wine. I sort of know this already. Getting my head around it. BTW, out of ...