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  1. If this isn’t because of the medication. Is a small amount of of blood/mucus in your stool a normal symptom of celiacs? Should I be worried about the blood and mucus? I’m still healing and have only started the diet months ago.
  2. Sorry I didn’t specify. I’m taking only one of these two medications every two hours and alternating between the two. So I’m taking Tylenol every four hours and ibuprofen every four hours. It was suggested by my doctor and the only thing keeping my fever down.
  3. So this is gonna get a little TMI.. I’m sorry about that. But today I noticed blood and mucus in my stool, I also had a bit of constipation. I haven’t eaten any gluten! I’d also like to add that I have Influenza A and I’ve been alternating between ibuprofen and Tylenol every two hours to keep my fever down. As well as an anti nausea medication and my flu medicine. Im curious if this is a celiac thing or maybe has to do with my body reacting to all the different medications? Either way I’m sorta worried. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.
  4. Thank you so much cyclinglady!! This really soothes some of the anxiety I had about all this. Gluten is definitely not worth all the stress and pain it's caused me. Celiac is one of those most challenging things I have ever dealt with, but I love how welcoming the community is. It makes it a lot easier to cope with things. Thanks again!
  5. I'm a natural born worrier and I always have been. I was diagnosed with celiacs when I was sixteen years old, and I'm nineteen now(going on twenty) Long story short, I've had my fair share of cheats between these times, not exactly eating gluten every day with every meal but just little things(like a doughnut or a roll or something ridiculous like that). I'm just now regretting all of it and realizing the severity of my disease. I've been going strictly gluten free for a while now, with a couple mess ups, like not knowing there's gluten in certain things(And paying for it later... ) But now, lately, things have been different. Usually, when I am glutened I have mild cramping, trouble when going to the restroom, mild gas, and fatigue. But lately I've been experiencing other symptoms(*TMI warning*) Things like extreme abdominal pain(Like I feel like I need to go the bathroom, throw up, and pass out all at once, this also only happens every now and then), weird stomach noises and I'm more gassy than usual, a tight feeling in my stomach/abdomen area, and I've noticed mucus in my stool on one occasion. I've read up on the cancers associated with celiacs and all of the symptoms religiously because I always assume worst case scenario. Should I really be worried? I'm scared that it could be "too late" for me and I could have cancer or have done irreversible damage to my body. I don't know if I'm being silly or not, I feel silly for taking this long to realize I need to be serious about my health and diet. I'm visiting my family doctor by the end of this week about these concerns but I'm worried about what he will say. Any feedback would be so much appreciated. Advice, reassurance, anything to keep me from worrying about this!