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  1. I had pain that bad after going on a gluten binge one weekend. This was after being gluten free for a while and feeling better. I though I might be able to have gluten once in a while (yeah right!). The pain was so bad I couldn't walk. I have been though unmedicated labor twice and it was almost as bad as that. I thought I was going to explode. I knew what it was right away and never glutened myself on purpose again.

  2. My kids get Acetone breath once in a while. I actually posted about this on this board before. My DD usually only has it when she is sick (and not eating much), but my DS has it a lot more often. I just found out that both of them are gluten intolerant. I wonder if my DS was getting acetone breath because he wasn't absorbing enough nutrients (he is also very skinny). I was also thinking about testing him with strips when I smell his breath like that. Diabetes (both type 1 and 2) run on DH's side of the family. I know children who have diabetes usually get sick really fast, but I still can't help but worry a little. I sure he is fine, but I still worry.

  3. thanks, You guys are right. I need to call his doctor soon. I asked my doctor if I should get my kids tested and he said to wait to see what my results are first. My mom said that I should just put them both on a gluten-free diet to see if it helps them at all. DD doesn't really have any symptoms besides leg cramps, but she is very addicted to wheat products. Now that I think of it she does get bloated sometimes and occasionally gets D. I would like to know for sure if they are gluten intolerant because I don't know if other people would take it serious unless they had a diagnosis (plus they might now take it serious themselves since DD is already in school and likes to share food with friends). Especially my MIL since she thought I was weird for not wanting my son to eat certain things as a baby. But I know that testing isn't 100% reliable. They might get a false negative and end up really having gluten intolerance.

    I wouldn't mind them having a blood test, but would they have to have biopsies too? I'm a little worried about them having to have anesthesia (especially DS since he is so little). Do they do that for children so little?

  4. Thanks everyone! He was in the 25% for weight for a while, but now he has dropped down to the 5%. His doctor wanted me to come back in a couple of months (at his last appt.) to see if his weight has gone up at all. I didn't bring up the wheat intolerance because I didn't even think of it then. I thought his shortness might have something to do with his thyroid. I'm not even sure if I have gluten intolerance myself since I haven't got the results back yet. I hope not, but in a way I hope I do. It wouldn't be the end of the world to give up wheat and I would know what was causing my problems. If I'm not wheat intolerant, than I'm going to have to have more tests to find out what is wrong with me. I just want to find out the problem and start working on it.

    Besides being small, my son also has tons of gas. He doesn't have any D, but his stools still don't seem normal. I know this might be TMI, but it doesn't seem like all his food is digested. He also has dark circles under his eyes and has problems going to sleep at night. If he does have any sort of intolerance, I would like to catch it now. Sorry this post got so long....it feels good to talk to people about it since most people don't know anything about Celiac.

  5. I am new to this board, but I have been lurking for about a week or so. I am getting tested for wheat intolerance because of all the stomach/intestinal problems (plus a bunch of other symptoms) I have been having. I was wondering about the symptoms for wheat intolerance/Celiac disease in toddlers. I was wondering if my son could have it too because of how small he is for his age (he is almost 2 1/2). Both DH and I are tall, but DS is under the 50% for height (between 25 and 50%) and he was only in the 5th% for weight at his last check up. I thought that he might just be a slow grower and would eventually catch up. But now that I am learning more about Celiac disease I am wondering if he could have it.

    I plan on waiting to get my kids tested until I have more tests. I would rather go through the tests than have them have to do it. I probably won't get the results for the blood tests back for a couple of weeks. And if I do get them tested, how do they test kids? Is it the same as they do for adults? I really don't want them to have to get a biopsy. I would just cut wheat out of their diet and then see how they do. Thanks....I'm a little worried about having to give up all wheat products :unsure: , but I would do it in a second if I would feel better. I would also like to catch this in my kids early if they do have it.

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