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  1. For all of us in the UK who want to visit Disneyland in Florida, anyone been recently and eaten gluten-free there??
  2. Try clicking on this if you're thinking of travelling to the UK A click on gluten-free map of Ireland and the UK
  3. Up until i was about 13 years old i had really bad dreams/nightmares. I went to the hospital for them they got so bad. My sister who has the same coeliac symptoms as myself but...
  4. Hi, when you say you doctor wants you to go on a coeliac diet do you mean a gluten free one? If so you'll probably find (if you ARE a coeliac) that you'll gain weight. Most coeliacs...
  5. Was it made clear at the voting stage that all the precious information accumulated on here would be lost? I certainly hope there is a way of archiving all the old stuff, it was...
  6. The Charity Coeliac Awareness in the UK is currently compiling and updating a click on map of the UK and Southern Ireland for Coeliac/DH travellers from around the world. Here is...
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