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    Wow, such great advice. Thank you for your prompt responses. I did a little digging around and found some anecdotal evidence that MSG can cause a nasty reaction. Looking at those symptoms I am almost inclined to think I may have reacted to it. The symptoms were quite flu like: sweating, headache, palpitations and general tiredness. I had this for about 12 hours. At least I have committed to stop buying Chinese take away food. We don;'t buy it often but I am not risking that reaction again. I'll make it at home without the MSG. I have my ski holiday next week so it would be hard to do anything in the way of tests and diet change so I will look at things when I get back. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  2. Hi there, this is my first post. I have had a suspicion for a while that I have a mild intolerance to gluten. It's not normally a great inconvenience to my lifestyle but this week I have felt it more than usual (I think). My background is male, 54, fit (cycling and training), weight is good, alcohol is weekends only, don't smoke. I take a small weekly dose of methotrexate for psoriasis. No other regular medications. My diet is mixed. I can be very good with lots of fruit, veg, salad, low fat protein and then I can swing the other way to easy make, fat food. I tend to avoid fast food from large chains. At home we always buy a seeded batch loaf for our bread (mass produced though). Occassionally we will buy ciabata rolls which are fairly simple white flour rolls. My usual breakfast is muesli. I've had a look at the brand I buy and the ingredients are: wholegrain oat flakes, dates (22%), wholegrain barley flakes, toasted wheat flakes, nuts (10.7%) [almonds (6%), roasted hazelnuts (3%), brazil nuts (1.7%)], wholegrain wheat flakes, sunflower seeds (2.3%). When eating the seeded batch loaf (couple of slices every other day) and muesli (every day) I don't tend to have any symptoms of gluten intolerance. If I move away from these products to something which are processed white flour I tend to feel bloated. If I have salad for lunch I feel fine but if business meetings prevent making a salad I end up eating sandwiches and these leave me bloated. On Monday this week I was very busy and didn't get home until late and I grabbed a take out Chinese meal. On Tuesday I felt awful. Bloated, running a fever, sweating, slightly nauseous. This was as extreme as I have ever had that bloated feeling. The fever and sweating was new. By Tuesday night I felt much better. The bloating feeling after eating processed white flour is not so uncomfortable to make me try a gluten-free diet trial but after Tuesday I aim to give it a go (not now as I head off on a ski holiday this weekend) in a couple of weeks. The muesli I eat has wheat flakes but they are not overly processed (rolled and toasted) so I wonder would they be less likely to trigger a gluten reaction? Does it seem I am making sense of how my body reacts to gluten or am I over thinking it (I am not inclined to hypochondria)/