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  1. Oh boy... to my 18 year old stubborn, angry, sick, underweight, severely anemic, scared, lonely and upset self: I would say to go gluten free when I first found out I had the allergy to save myself the grief later of leaky gut and a million other issues. Gluten free life is amazing now...
  2. Hi everyone! For 10+ years I was a competitive, year-round swimmer and now haven’t swam in a few years because of my hemorrhoids. I miss the sport a lot and being able to use all of my equipment (snorkel, fins, buoy, parachute, etc.) but don’t want to spread my nasty germs to anyone else. I’...
  3. Oh I see. I actually checked with my doctor and I have Celiac's not Crohn's so I don't need medication. Unless I have cancer or something I don't plan on ever taking medicine ever again.
  4. Hello everyone! My mom recommended this site and I already feel comforted and not insane anymore reading what you guys have said about your experiences... so let me introduce you to my hell. So I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy in 7th grade and completely ignored it... not even knowing...