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  1. wow, I really am buried with work, a toddler and my refereeing, not enough day light. :angry:

    In any event, I hope all is well. I posted awhile back that my dad was geting some surgery. For those interested it went well.

    I am starting to get nervous about these restrictive diets and breath tests. I think someone else mentioned they were going for them -MiaMia?

    I wound up experiencing the same upper abdominal pain I had that first started this whole ball of wax. But it passed, I will be happy to get a diagnosis or something. :lol:

    As for those lamenting about winter, I am sitting in my office at 6 pm and it is already getting dark out. The high today was around 71. This weekend will be nice, but old man winter is coming back , However, NOAA insists the NE will have a mild winter. I can only hope.

    Everyone take care.

  2. Drive-by - No time to catch-up on everything, two year about to get up.

    I am not gluten-free. Doctor's orders until my tests are done. It stinks -- brain fog does not help in my profession. The d I can live with -- what is a couple of months after several years. Two biopsies reveal celiac disease related stuff, first was some sort of stain showed sprue, second revealed athropy of the villi (mind you within four months). I may have tropical sprue (wipples diease), or a myriad of other issues. But no science here.

    I like everyone's new pictures.

  3. So I've been reading about the conversation about Friends :D my favorite character would have to be Joey...my second favorite is Rachel....I just love that show :rolleyes:

    Thank you, I'll work on that B)....and I'll tell my Mom hi

    I never really watched the show -- when I did I thought the character of Joey was funny. Now Rachel ... different reason to watch. :D

  4. With six kids,

    Oh my! I finally got that! I thought you had two daughters! One son so far is enough, nevermind the daughter due in December.

    Drive-by posting - I might have missed something.

    Rachel -- have fun!

    Tinkerbell and jennyj - welcome to the board.

    For those wondering --- I am not gluten free yet --- darn doctors -- more testing to go. So, still have the same issues as previous posts. Yes, I did feel better on the gluten-free diet but, my family hx as previousy posted requires I get all the testing done. Hopefully done and over with by the end of September.

  5. Picard- great picture!!! You are a soccer coach too, right? I thought that is what you said and it looks like you are wearing some kind of sports uniform in the picture...

    Back to reading....

    I coach youth rugby, for a whiel I coached at the college level and men's and women's div 2 adult leauges. I primarily focus on refereeing in the fall.

  6. no.....what did I miss? but - are you wearing Star Trek shirts? is it a trekkie thing? :blink: BTW was it you that is Acadian? so exotic...I am so white bread/wasp/Nordic, oh, except for some Huguenots in my background - french rebel reformationists - - oh and I am related to some Old West vigilantes (Sheriff Pat Garret and the Garrett Brothers, who killed Billy the Kidd )....explains a lot about me.....always the crime-fighter ( used to want to be a cop)

    Am trying to clean my house! Stop!! Stop!! must....get.....away

    Yes, French/Acadian heritage.

    :lol: I just noticed the new name!

    Pleased to meet you, Captain :D

    Nice -- I like it. Too bad I was enlisted.

    no.....what did I miss? but - are you wearing Star Trek shirts? is it a trekkie thing? :blink:

    yes, Trekkie reference. I figured the link would be easy for everyone to remember -- ex-navy diver and my last name. :lol::rolleyes::D

    Ok, I am off. Need to get home.

  7. Yes, I do...I don't say too much about work here because I am one of 5 people in this office who are gluten intolerant or Celiac, lol. ;)

    wow, that is amazing. I am the only one in my office. One of our assistants has Crohns but I believe I am the only one with celiac disease or possible celiac disease.

    does everyone get the new name?

  8. I think I'd better keep quiet on this one...there IS one attorney (very nice I might add) in my office who has gluten intolerance, lol. :lol:

    By-the-way, great picture!

    :lol: OMGosh...I didn't even think of that...I was going to start guessing. :lol:

    Too funny, Donna do you work at an attorney's office?

    Yes, I am the one in the middle. I only put the pic up because it is the only jpg I could find. That picture was from last year, Army 98 Fordham 0. The two guys are my touch judges, I was the referee for the match.

  9. sort of caught up - only skimmed the posts.

    Penguin -- I like the red hair.

    Susan, interesting issue with your niece, I hope her medical issues get sorted out.

    to the B's -- I lived in Kettering for several years and one of my closest friends currently lives in Hillsboro. I thought about moving back several times but my wife does not like the torandos.

    No milkshakes for me ---- too much of a spare tire from those while in school --

    Hope everyone is feeling well today.

    How do you change your identification name?

  10. :lol:

    That made me laugh...I'm sure the little beagle wasnt amused though. :P


    Sorry things didnt go well today. :(


    You must be one tough penguin! I cant believe you made it! I couldnt have lasted a week......I'm proud of you! :D

    Beagle -- or as we call her - the bagel, is always nuts. She is pampered and was the queen of the house for 8 years, until the two year old came around.

    Lisa - please feel better - politics are just that -

    Chelsea -- have beer too.

    I love to make people laugh - I try to find humor in everything (forgive me, but even funerals - like the time my grandfather's brother was laid out in coffin without socks on - shoes but no socks. Now my sister & I recalled that he never wore socks even in winter and it just made us giggle to see that. That sent us into the worst case of giggles where we had to leave the funeral home and walk outside a bit).

    Ok, I find humor at funerals also. Please forgive me. But I want to remember the good things about people. For instance, I went to a funeral for a fellow rugger and I could not stop laughing at a picture his family posted in the reception area --- it was the young man wearing nothing but an apron running down the aisle of a grocery store. He was the produce manager! Now mind you, he was the quite type, so this made me really laugh that he cut loose.

  11. I'm having some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream right now. I never was a fan but my husband turned me on to it & I am hooked now. I'll bet he wonders sometimes where all his ice cream goes.

    Yum, I like peppermint & butter pecan ..... dreams of ice cream.....

    Anyone try Breyers?

  12. Had a bat in my house about a year ago. It really freaked out my ten year old beagle. The bat was flying around and the beagle was howling at it. After we got the bat out of the house, the bealge hid under the bed for about a week whenever we left the house. Poor little beagle. :lol: