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  1. Thank you so much for the reply. Ive been diagnosed just over a year and am getting more and more sensitive. I cannot get out of bed, my rash is so itchy and sore I feel like ive been burnt, and horrendous gastro problems. I generally dont eat any gluten-free bread or baked goods, and just cant work out how I was glutened. I suspect cc if udi's is ok. I hate celiac disease. I feel under attack and eating anything is like gambling.
  2. Im a very sensitive celiac, can't handle cross contamination, and suffer from the rash plus awful gi issues. Im clearly glutened but the only new thing I ate were udi's bagels and bread. Any ideas? The packaging doesn't seem very secure compared to say, schar, but it tastes great. Could it really be the udi's? Thank you
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