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  1. Hi, I was diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago. I didn't have a lot of stomach problems, but had chronic bad anemia. When I stopped eating gluten, I felt so bad I thought something else was wrong. I kept calling my Dr and he said to keep on the diet and I'd feel better in a few months. Well...
  2. Hi, My first few months after I went off gluten were horrible. I was diagnosed with celiac disease and my doctor just said look on the internet and quit eating gluten. I felt way worse than I ever did when I was eating gluten. I was totally miserable. I kept calling him and he said just stick with...
  3. Hi. I was anemic for years. I didn't know I had celiac. Finally one Dr insisted I go to a gastroenterologist and get tested. It turned out I had celiac disease. I didn't really have other symptoms. Turns out anemia is one of those weird things that can result from celiac. Once I got on a gluten free...
  4. I don't know if remote energy healing works. Seems far fetched. I've taken meditation classes and healing classes. Both seem to help. I always feel better after I meditate. When I do an energy healing, I can tell the difference the next day. I feel a lot better and my stomach seems to be better...