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  1. :( I have been gluten free for almost a year in December. For the past month I have experienced an achy feeling throughout my body. The aches are usually worse at night although this morning I woke up feeling achy. It seems like late in the afternoon my body gets worn down and I feel extremely tired. Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas as to what could be causing it?

    Thank you!!!!!!

  2. :huh: I ate Barbara's Organic Brown rice cereal this morning and it says gluten free on the front of the box. However, I soon got scared when it said on the back that it is processed on machinery that may contain wheat. Now I am confused, do I eat something that says gluten free even if it is processed on the machinery?

    I would be curious to hear everyones thoughts.

    Thank you,

    Mindy :D

  3. Hi,

    I have a fast resting heart rate between 90-100 and my diastolic is around 80 to 90 depending on the time of day. After seeing the cardiologist they still don't know what is wrong. I am being reffered to a physiologist to see if it is an electrical problem with my heart. I have been diagnosed with celiac disease for 8 months.

    I will let you know if I find out any correlation.

  4. I think I am going crazy. Every time I think I find a food I can eat that isn't too bad for me I find out that I can't eat it!! Quaker rice cakes could be cross contaminated. I am really getting frustrated with this diet. The only thing I feel like is safe is drinking. Let me know your thoughts!



  5. Hi,

    I got glutened sometime this weekend. I still don't know for sure what caused it. Maybe gorgonzola cheese I had on Friday, or shrimp scampi, or chips. Who knows? On Sunday I had "d", that stopped after a few hours. The rest of the day I felt totally exhausted. Today I feel tired, anxious and depressed. It also seems like whatever I eat today I don't feel full. Does this sound like a case of being glutened?


  6. Hello everyone,

    I am newly diagnosed with celiac disease. I have been on the gluten free diet for two months now and I have made mistakes along the way. I guess that is normal until I get used to the diet. The reason I am writing is I have always had a large waistline, I wondered if this has anything to do with celiac disease? or am I just doomed to gain weight in the middle?

    Thanks for your replies.

  7. :D Hi I am in Lodi, California. I have been gluten free for about two months now. It is getting easier but I still make mistakes. I had some potatoes from Safeway today and realized they had a seasoning on them. I checked on the website and found out that they were made with wheat flour. Oh well I am still learning.