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  1. When I last called and got the lawyer-speak answer it was "we dont add it but cant garuntee it as it may be produced on machinery that may have even tho we only make tylenol on that line but worker Fred may have had a peanut butter sammich for lunch and not washed his hands even though he doesn't touch it" garbage... I take it on a semi-regular basis and have not yet had a problem  (oh stop giggling it wasn't that funny when I was actually talking on the phone with them)

  2. I have become a big fan of "Roasted" veggies and just started getting into the stir fry thing since I found Kikkoman's gluten-free terriaki sauce... best thing about making your own chinese food at home is  you can use whatever veggies you like!  also try a new veggie cooked/eaten a different way... never have liked leeks but have to admit they do taste good in a stir-fry, lol

  3. Spent a week in Arizona started in Safford/Thatcher... the Denny's there is the only restraunt with a gluten-free menu...  NOT a fun expirience, but the owner called me today at home and we discussed their problems (outdated gluten-free menu, poor service) when I return in the spring I will return to the restraunt to see if they have improved... however their online gluten-free menu was a godsend they have alot of offering for all meals... also JD's while no gluten-free menu was helpful their salad bar had alot of things for their lettuce and flavorful burgers (without bun) and after talking with the chef/cook went back for supper a few nights later (when the same guy was working) and had their ribs


    Tuscon... OMG Red Robin has a place in one of the malls... I cant wait to go back!  dedicated frier for the steak fries and sweet potatoe fries and those are endless!  and their burger buns almost had me fooled into thinking they gave me a regular one!  many choices and best of all I thought they really understood my/our "scared to eat out because of CC issues" the waiter brought the other 3 peoples meals to the table and a whole different guy brought out mine... not just me I was told thats "normal"... I would definately recommend this restraunt!


    Phoenix I went to Barro's pizza... had many locations all over AZ and the pizza was good, altho their CC process could use some improvement... I did not get sick but I was nervous I was going to

  4. It takes a while to adjust your body and mind to the new diet, when you do get used to it you will learn to adjust your diet to what your body needs... when i get constipated I eat a big ole salad the next morning no more being "backed up"... when it get to loosey juicey then I cut back on the veggies and eat more meat... stick with it... in the end its worth all the troubles you face at the begining... and dont forget to check toothpaste, shampoo, makeup and all medication for gluten as well... its one of the easiest overlooked areas!

  5. Tis the season.... Wheat harvest is upon me! they have been getting ever closer thru this week and last night the combines were parked next to my house... I have the "double whammy" Celiac disease and a wheat allergy... unfortunately hubby is gone for work this week and I have to go out and feed/water the horses and dogs... needless to say I am completely miserable... I need to go weed the garden and a bunch of other things but other than "must do's" I am confined in the house... the good news is even tho its 100 degrees outside my A/C works this year so at least I am not hot and miserable

    End of rant and self pity, back to the basement to play with my quilts

  6. Yhis would be an ideal oportunity for you to help not only yourself but any other potential gluten-free person who is in your situation...

    get the dr's note then talk to the food bank manager about volunteering for a few hours... specifically marking what they have that is gluten-free, either marked by the manufacturer or naturally... you could also impart a wee bit'o knowledge to the staff about celiac disease in particular and even help them with other food allergies and issues so they can be "more helpful"

  7. I grew a thick skin.... i also got really good at telling my dr what i would and would not do (no he doesn't like it but since he is still taking my money guess he isn't that upset about it) I have gotten really good at exiting from social situations in a timely manner wihtout making my hostess feel guilty. I have figured out how to provide myself with an emergency meal at almost any location.

    however the one thing that upsets me is #1 my cousin who is medically tested and definately postively without a doubt has it... eats hot dog rolls because they "calm her stomach down"

    #2 even after showing my mother AND sister the statistics of this being hereditary and they have many of the same symptoms and medications the dr previously had me on... which i no longer need... still refuse to even concider the remote posibility they have the slightest chance of having it too.... GRRRRRRRRR

  8. I also did not have the best of information when i started this diet... but a couple years later when i "started over" i did much better...

    this is a very good forum and you will do well here and get lots of help...

    my advice is.... how detailed you get into dishes etc is a personal thing and

    TAKE BABY STEPS! dont try to figure out everything all at once!

    I have 2 simple recipes to hand over to you...

    #1 chicken breast broiled or baked with simply salt, pepper and Apricot marmalade

    #2 pork (i use loin but chops is good also) salt, pepper and believe it or not nutmeg (fresh ground is best but pre-ground also would work)

  9. BeauJo's Colorado Style Pizza

    Had a pizza the first visit, cooked in seperate pans easily distingishable from the "reg" ones... purchased a simple 1 topping and enjoyed it quite a bit! would definately return for another one... staff was helpful and seemed to at least know the basics so I wouldn't get ill

    2nd visit I had the Canadian Club sandwich (note all listed sandwich's are served hot which wasn't mentioned on tyhe menu that i could find) while I am not a fan of hot sandwiches or garlic butter this one wasn't bad and i ate all of it that I could fit. the bread used for the sandwich's is also the pizza crust...

  10. so hubby did a "search" not sure i agree with the results (one was like bobs bagels, lol), so folks going to be spending a lot more time in Rapid city, SD as hubby's best friend moved there...

    I know Outback steakhouose has a gluten-free menu, however getting in the door there poses problems, they are always packed.... tried last 2 years and aint gotten there yet, maybe will be different during the week?? will see i guess

    any others you know of??

  11. I ironically enough made homemade mac n cheese last night for supper....

    its one of my favorites before and after going gluten-free

    I tried many different kind, brans and etc of pasta's while I find almost always I prefer the tinkyada brand of rice pasta for texture and flavor closest to "before" I started using the "brown rice elbows" I now use the brown rice "fusilli" (I prolly spelled that way wrong, lol)

    The gluten-free pasta tends to "break up" when mixing the cheese into the pasta and it left the elbows amaller than I like, the fusilli is basically a longer curlier version of elbows and after it does the break up thing when mixing its still a nice size piece of pasta... it "reheats" well in the microwave as well ;)

  12. I recently dined at the "99" restraunt in Augusta, Maine on 2 seperate occations....

    I will give them 5 gold stars

    First not only did they have a gluten-free menu..... the hostesss and all other personel were familiar with it.

    Second... they asked questions

    Third... the manager double checked everything with me (seems I was one of the very first gluten-free customers)

    Fourth... they got it RIGHT!!!

  13. My "in-laws" recently moved in with myself and my husband so its alot simular to your current problem....

    I would first invite your parents to cook with you at your home so they can see first hand what they are getting into.... start with the grocery shopping trip and the whole reading of the labels to the setting of the table.... they may decide its best to keep eating at your place after all :lol:

  14. The begining is hard to deal with, my advice dont try to do everything in one day!

    start small and work at small changes daily....

    Start with cleaning out the pantry..... read all labels and gift what you cant use to a friend or food pantry, no sense in it going to waste you paid good money for it

    Second step, now that your pantry is empty clean it very well, scrub scrub scrub!

    Third step fill 'er back up! put back what you can use... purchase gluten-free alternates for the rest

    Now for the cookware part....

    Again gift what you will replace...

    I agree plastic, teflon etc has to go.... I also traded out my cast iron and wood (dont forget the rolling pin like I did!)

    start small with the everyday items and work your way up, doing it all at once will kill a budget!

    Ahhhh on to cooking with flavor at last!

    since you are begining I assume you are doing the KISS (keep it simple silly) diet... plain meat, veggies etc... now is when you get to start expirimenting, heres a couple ideas or suggestions for you.....

    "kitchen basics" beef and chicken broths are gluten-free and make awesome soups. stews and gravy's, trade out gluten-free flour or corn starch for the reg flour to thicken it (yes there are many other things you can use but this is the KISS diet, lol)

    use left-overs for your lunch the next day or freeze leftovers for later use as a quickie meal.

    Rather than use your "normal" crust for pies try crushed gluten-free cookies made like a graham cracker crumb crust

    Hormel is good about labeling their product gluten-free and a couple cans of their beef stew on hand is good in a pinch or a lazy day

    get a healthy dose of the food network, most of their recipes contain gluten but editing in gluten-free flour and xantham gum is a fun alternative!

  15. AHHHH salad my "go to" meal at a restraunt.....

    how bland of a meal can you get, lol

    I also would add be wary of the added meats along with almost everything else that has much taste, but in a pinch it fills the tummy.

    My "horror story" goes like this:

    enter restraunt, order salad.... salad (lettuce, tomato, onion and a hard boiled egg) NO croutons, NO crackers, NO dressing, NO meat.... covers everything right? WRONG!!!!! Waitress brings salad topped off with a nice steamy yeast roll, saying she felt bad I couldn't have any of the other stuff.... I very nicely thanked her for thinking of me however please make me another one without the roll.

    Always remember to be polite when they mess up! And if they "get it right" the first time... tip well! And savor those very rare times when you ask the waiter/waitress for a gluten free menu and they say "oh do you have celiac?" then mention a couple favorites that are gluten-free even tho they dont have a gluten-free menu! Yes people that happened to me once! NO I didnt get ill and OMG it was WONDERFUL!