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  1. I've been gluten free for about 5 years now. I follow my diet very strictly, but like everyone have my cross-contamination issues every now and then. I just can't escape some symptoms though. I still have multiple bowel movements a day, constant joint pain, brain fog, and headaches. Is anyone else still experiencing this after being gluten free for such a long time?
  2. I was diagnosed in January of 2016 with Celiacs by a blood test and a endoscopy. Over this summer, I drank 4 Redd's thinking they were gluten free and didn't get sick. Recently, I found out a meal I get almost weekly is also not Gluten Free. I've never gotten sick and when my blood was tested recently, my levels were nearly perfect, showing I had no gluten, when I had. Is there another sort of autoimmune disorder that I could have that is similar to celiacs? Or could I just need to have a ton of gluten in order to get sick?
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