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  1. I have been suffering with various symptoms for about 9 months and have recently decided to try a gluten-free diet. My symptoms have been: constant bloating (i used to have quite a flat stomach but I now look about 5 months pregnant, morning, noon and night!), rapid weight gain with no change in diet and despite diet and exercise I cannot shift any of it (I went up from 123lbs to 142lbs in 9 months), stomach/digestive pain, night sweats, headaches and muscle aches (particularly in my right arm and shoulder), irritability, low testosterone (according to my GP) and acid reflux. I have been to the doctor and had various tests and I don't have PCOS or a thyroid problem. I have been gluten-free for 5 days now and this weird prickling sensation has started happening in patches on my skin. There is no rash or redness that I can see. The other day it was mainly on my lower back, but now it seems to be principally on my ankles/lower calf area and forearms. I know that there is something called peripheral neuropathy that is a symptom of being gluten intolerant, but it seems weird to get this after going gluten free?? I do think I am starting to feel better from going gluten free but part of me wonders whether it is my imagination because I am so desperate to find an answer to all my symptoms. Although last night was the first night in a long time where I didnt wake up clamy from nightsweats, which I guess is a positive.
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