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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I dont know my real dad and I know I got it from him... He was irish! I have a step bro who was tested and he doesnt have it.... So it runs in my fathers side! thanks though! =...
  3. Cosmetics??? there are cosmetics that have gluten????
  4. 1/2 Irish from my father (who i dont know) Scottish, Native American.. Mother side I know who I got my genes from! grrr
  5. I dont really know what topic thing I should put this but i know that someone will read it somewhere.... I found out about Celiac 2 years ago.... When I was diagnosed the GI doctor...
  6. Texas

    Any celiac ppl in the Woodlands/ Conroe/ magnolia Area??? of Texas Angel xoxox
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