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I am a 32-year old army wife and mom. Our son, John Thomas, is 17 months old. I enjoy every minute that I can spend with my son. Our first son would be three years old, but unfortunately died when he was two months old. Life is a new and different experience after losing our child. My husband is a cook in the Army and competes in national cooking competitions. His team from Fort Carson won Installation of the Year in the Annual Army Competition at Ft. Lee, VA. He will be leaving in July for his third, year-long tour of Iraq. My work as a science textbook editor is very rewarding and fulfilling. I was a science teacher for 5 years before changing vocations. This allows more time for my family. For recreation, I am a member of a writers' group which I first organized in March. I hike, camp, backpack, dance, ski (obsessively), and read (incessantly). As a Christian believer, I attend Rocky Mountain Calvary Worship Center. Recently, I discovered that I have a gluten-sensitivity through blood testing. I experience both neurological and intestinal symptoms when ingesting wheat. My biopsy was normal; however, the doctor is requesting genetic testing. My symptoms subside when living gluten-free.

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