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  1. Kelly Fox

    Celiac Awareness Day

    Today is September 13th, 2011. Celiac awareness day!  Why is it so important to have such a day? Because without...
  2. Kelly Fox

    Absolutely unjust!

    I just found out that THIS will be coming to stores soon! AAARG! Usually I keep a cool head about things (BWAH!...
  3. Kelly Fox

    So Unfair

    Our lives revolve around food. The selection of ingredients, the preparation, the clean up, these activities take up...
  4. Kelly Fox


    Being positive in a negative situation is difficult. It's hard to find the glass half full, the silver lining, or the...
  5. Kelly Fox

    Vacation Bliss

    Nestled in the rolling hills and mountains of Vermont lies literally the sweetest little factory imaginable. It is the...
  6. Kelly Fox

    Gluten Addictive?

    Did you know that Gluten can affect the receptors in the brain the same way Opium does? I didn't. It makes sense...
  7. Kelly Fox

    Gluten Allergy: What It's Really Like

    I see a lot of stories about Gluten allergies, but none tell the real story. What it's really like on a daily basis...
  8. Kelly Fox

    Be Careful!

    I am astounded by the amount of foods and products that either have gluten, or wheat flour added to them. Even the delicious...