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  1. Celiac.com 05/10/2019 - Although only an estimated 1% of the US population has celiac disease, millions more, 11% of US households, eat gluten free. Celiac is an autoimmune disease whereby the immune cells attack the lining of the small intestine, resulting in malabsorption and greater risk of diabetes and other autoimmune disorders. Strict avoidance of gluten is mandatory for people with celiac disease. But, millions of people believe they suffer from gluten sensitivity, also known as Non-celiac gluten sensitivity; or NCGS. Until recently, the diagnostic criterion for NCGS was if you felt better avoiding gluten then you had NCGS. Physicians and scientists working in the field became concerned that this simple criterion was prone to subjective evaluation and conditioning; i.e., the placebo effect, and could cause many people to unnecessarily avoid an otherwise nutritious food staple. Thus, they established the double-blinded placebo-controlled oral challenge, as the standard diagnostic criterion for NCGS; or, DBPCOC, for short. If you think the name is formidable, try following the procedure itself. Although reliable, the procedure is too cumbersome and time consuming to be used in routine clinical practice. Hence, clinicians were eager to find a simple test that would correlate with the oral challenge. Today, researchers at the San Mateo Hospital at the University of Pavia (Italy) led by Dr. Michele Di Stefano, report in the December issue of Clinical Nutrition ESPEN, they have found such a marker. The title of their paper is, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity in patients with severe abdominal pain and bloating: The accuracy of ALCAT 5. The name connotes use of the ALCAT test® developed by Cell Science Systems, in Deerfield Beach, FL; used in this study to measure the immune cell response, in vitro, to challenge with 5 gluten containing grains. The question was, Does an immune cell reaction that occurs in the test well, in response to gluten exposure, such as it does in the Alcat test, reflect an immune cell response that occurs in the body? The answer, according to the Pavia researchers, is, yes. The Alcat test was every bit as accurate at predicting a sensitivity to gluten challenge or placebo, in their study population consisting of 25 subjects, as was the double-blind placebo-controlled oral challenge. According to the authors the DBPCOC is a lengthy and cumbersome procedure with lower patient compliance, whilst the Alcat test is simple to perform and results are rapidly obtained. Hence, since the results are similar, the Alcat test might represent a better and less costly alternative. The Alcat 5 Test can be ordered here. About Cell Science Systems, Corp. CSS is a CLIA licensed lab and an FDA registered Medical Device establishment, that has developed the Alcat test for food and chemical sensitivities, as well as GI function assays, Telomere length assessments, molecular diagnostics, and, in January of 2019 will also be launching cellular tests for the assessment of functional micro-nutrient deficiencies and anti-oxidant status. CSS received the company of the year award in 2016 for Food Intolerance Testing, North America, by Frost & Sullivan. The Alcat test has been clinically validated in clinical research at the Yale School of Medicine where mechanistic studies were also conducted which have led to new discoveries regarding the pathogenic mechanisms underlying food sensitivities. CSS will continue to participate in industry grant-funded, cross border, translational research that focuses on the role of food induced release of DNA and its role in pathology. CSS is located in Deerfield Beach, FL and Potsdam, Germany.
  2. Celiac.com 05/02/2019 - Simple Kneads was started by Tristaun LeClaire, a natural foods expert, whose son developed an allergic reaction to gluten when he was two years old. Frustrated by the lack of satisfying gluten-free breads on the market, Tristaun began experimenting with wholesome ingredients to create his own recipe. It was a father's labor of love to create a bread that would be as hearty and delicious as it was healthy and nutritious. The result was a simple ancient grain bread that the whole family could enjoy together. There's nothing ordinary about a loaf of Simple Kneads gluten free bread. It doesn't look like your typical gluten free bread; it's round, like the handmade artisan loaves of yesterday. It doesn't feel like ordinary gluten free bread; it's denser, with more substance. And best of all, it doesn't taste like ordinary gluten free bread because we bake with whole food ingredients and don't use any processed starches or gums. Our gluten-free recipes bake to a hearty crust on the outside and a moist, mouthwatering consistency on the inside. Ordinary? No. Extraordinary? Definitely. Simple Kneads gluten free bread is baked in small batches at our dedicated gluten free facility. When you order online, you'll receive bread baked fresh to order and shipped on the same day. Your bread will show up fresh and delicious--we guarantee it! Visit our website to peruse the online bakery, or take a look at our store locator feature, to find out which local grocery stores carry Simple Kneads.
  3. Celiac.com 01/01/2019 - Riceworks were officially created in 2005 when a family rice grower started experimenting with snacks he could make with brown rice. Turns out, they were on to something. We’re sure glad they kept with it. Since those early days of experimenting in the fields, Riceworks snacks have evolved and expanded considerably as a part of the Wholesome Goodness family. Using real ingredients like whole grain rice is important to us and allows us to make this delicious gourmet snack that is gluten-free with no artificial flavors or preservatives. With several mouthwatering flavors to tantalize your taste buds, one crunchy bite at a time. The Riceworks team is passionate about making great snacks. We’re snack-lovers too, and care about what goes into making tasty products that our fans love. We crave real, wholesome food that tastes amazing, just like you. From the office to the production plants, our staff cares about crafting the very best products. It's important to us to select and review where our ingredients come from, and ensure that food safety regulations have been met and exceeded. From when it is harvested on the field of the farmer until we get it packaged to ship, quality is monitored and measured. The good news You can count on every bag of Riceworks to be: Gluten free Whole grain rice 0 grams trans fat No preservatives Celiac friendly Visit our site for more info.
  4. Celiac.com 05/01/2019 - Some of the symptoms and issues associated with poor Gut-Health are: Gas Bloating Abdominal Pain Intolerance To Gluten Lactose Fodmaps Cross-Reactors Diarrhea Heart Burn Leaky Gut Constipation Acid Reflux Four Root Causes are: Undigested food in parts of intestines where it should not be. Intolerance to gluten, lactose, FODMAPS (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides & Polyols), or cross-reactors (Proteins in common foods like coffee that “fool” the body into thinking they are gluten.). Overgrowth of bad bacteria in gut flora. Infections/Inflammation in gut Regarding Root Cause #1, poor digestion of food can cause undesired fermentation in the gut which can lead to bloating, and the formation of toxins, infections, and inflammation. The effects of Root Causes 2, 3 & 4 are well known. A smart approach may be to treat NCGS (Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity) as an integral part of overall Gut-Health and not a stand-alone separate issue. Support of Gut-Health can have significant, sometimes unexpected, positive effects since “all diseases start in the gut” - Hippocrates. A gluten-free diet may help only with Root Cause 2, and then only partially. In a nut-shell, a gluten-free diet would work for Gluten Sensitivity only if a person: 1) Is intolerant to gluten only and not lactose, FODMAPS, and cross-reactors. 2) Is able to avoid “hidden” gluten & cross-contamination, 100% of the time. 3) Has an adequate level of digestive enzymes so RC #1 does not come into play. 4) Has optimum Gut-Flora. 5) Has no infections or inflammation in intestines. All five conditions are difficult, if not impossible, to meet. However, there is a solution. SOLUTION A dietary supplement, ZYGLUTEN, is now available which supports Gut-Health, manages NCGS extremely well AND makes GF diet “foolproof”. It is multifunctional because it has ingredients to attack all four Root Causes simultaneously. The product has been used effectively & safely by hundreds of doctors and thousands of consumers over last three years at a success rate of >80%. Almost every user becomes a repeat customer. An additional proof of its efficacy is return of symptoms if dosage is stopped. Testimonials & details are available on Amazon.com (5* rating), www.zygluten.com and Customerservice@zygluten.com. ZYGLUTEN contains a targeted blend of potent and diverse enzymes, helpful microbes and botanicals (turmeric and ginger) packed in a quick dissolving tapioca capsule. The code to hydrolyze gluten extremely quickly has now been broken - gluten and other “culprits” are difficult to digest because they are surrounded by a protective “armor” formed via their complexation (hydrogen bonds, Vander Walls forces, non-covalent interactions) with starches, proteins, fats, fibers in food. The potent enzymes in ZYGLUTEN from all families (proteases, lipases, carbohydrases, amylases, cellulases) containing endo as well as exo enzymes, packed at a high loading break the “armor” and complete the digestion before “culprits” can cause problems in gut. This takes care of Root Causes 1 & 2. Regarding Root Causes 3 & 4, unique helpful microbes in ZYGLUTEN formulation are Lactococcus Lactis subspecies Lactis (LLsL) and Lactococcus Lactis subspecies Cremoris (LLsC). They can kill pathogens (2,10,11,12) in gut and thereby control overgrowth of bad bacteria in “gut-flora”. They are anti-inflammatory(2,3,4,5,11) and safe(5) - used in cheese making(9) industry for hundreds of years. In addition, tapioca capsule dissolves quickly (1 to 2 minutes vs 15 for gelatin) allowing 45% longer contact time between enzymes and food. Turmeric / Ginger are also anti-inflammatory. These factors improve ZYGLUTEN effectiveness further. WHAT DIFFERENTIATES ZYGLUTEN FROM COMPETITION Potent Multifunctional Digestive Enzyme complex which also supports Gut-Health and makes GF Diet “foolproof” - the only such product in the world as far as we know. It has ingredients to neutralize all four RC’s of gut-health issues. It contains helpful unique microbes (LLsL and LLsC). Fast acting - more enzymes at a high potency, diversity & loading packed in a quick dissolving tapioca capsule. Contains anti-inflammatory botanicals.  CONCLUSIONS A comprehensive and smart approach is to treat Gluten Sensitivity as part of overall Gut-Health and not a separate stand-alone issue. ZYGLUTEN has ingredients to neutralize all four RC’s of Gut Health. Gluten-Free diet alone cannot work, RELIABLY, because it can take care of only one RC, and that too partially, and not the other three. Code to hydrolyze gluten extremely quickly was broken during ZYGLUTEN product development over 7 years by 6 PhD’s and a MD. Three critical applications of ZYGLUTEN are: a. POTENT MULTI FUNCTIONAL DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX b. Support restoration of gut-health. c. Make gluten-free diet “foolproof” ZYGLUTEN safety, efficacy, success rate has been confirmed over last three years. Visit their site for more info. REFERENCES Narula AP, MD, FACP, FACG, FACN, AGAF, Evaluation of safety and efficacy of dietary supplement ZYGLUTEN inpatients with gluten sensitivity, Journal of Gluten Sensitivity, Jan 2015; Vol 14(1); Pages 17 to 21 Nuryshev et al., New Probiotic Culture of Lactococcus lactis ssp. Lactis: Effective Opportunities and Prospects, J Microb Biochemic Technol 2016, 8:4 Luerce TD et al., Anti-inflammatory effects of Lactococcus lactis during the remission period of chemically induced colitis, Gut Pathogens, 2014 Jul 29; 6:33 Han KJ et al., Anticancer and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Probiotic Lactococcus lactis; J Microbiol Biotechnology 2015 Oct; 25 (10); 1697-701 Adelene A Song et al., A review on Lactococcus lactis: from food to factory; Microbial Cell Factories, 2017 16:55 Tuck CJ et al., Increasing Symptoms in Irritable Bowel Symptoms with Ingestion of Galacto-Oligosaccharides Are Mitigated by α-Galactosidase Treatment; American J Gastroenterol. 2018; 113; 124-134 Furtado DN et al., Bacteriocinogenic Lactococcus lactis subsp. Lactis isolated from goat milk: Evaluation of the probiotic potential, Braz J Microbiology 2014; 45(3); 1047-1054 Narula AP, MD, FACP, FACG, FACN, AGAF, (Zygluten) Digestive Enzyme Supplement Therapy for Diabetic Gastroparesis With Gastric Bezoar; American College of Gastroenterology; October 8, 2018, Poster Presentation. Brock TD, Lactococcus Lactis Lactis used in cheese making, Biology of Microorganisms (11th ed.); Prentice Hall; ISBN 0-13-144329-1 Braat H et al., Lactococcus Lactis Lactis benefits in Crohn’s disease. Phase 1 trial with transgenic bacteria expressing interleukin-10 in Crohn’s disease; Clinical Gastroenterology Hepatol. 4 (6): 754-759 Gamal Enan et al., Novel Antibacterial Activity of Lactococcus Lactis Lactis Z11 Isolated from Zabady; Int J Biomed Sci. 2013 Sep; 9(3): 174-180 Bahey M et al., Lactococcus Lactis based vaccines: Current Status and future perspectives; Human Vaccines, 7:1, 106-109 Habtamu LD et al., Occurrence of Lactose Intolerance; J Food Process Technol 6:505 Michele DR et al., Lactose Hydrolysis in Milk and Dairy Whey Using Microbial β-Galactsidase; Enzyme Research Volume 2015, Article ID 806240, 7 Pages.
  5. E3 Advanced Plus can help avoid the discomfort associated with the accidental consumption of gluten protein*. E3 Advanced Plus breaks down the gluten protein in the digestive system into di, tri, and free-form peptides before it reaches the small intestine. When these pulverized proteins reach the small intestine in this immunologically unrecognizable state, it does not activate an immune system response.* Hidden Sources of Gluten Gluten is often added to foods as a thickener, binder, flavor enhancer, and protein supplement. In addition to obvious sources such as bread, crackers, other baked goods, and pasta, gluten can also be found in food colorings, candy, pudding, marshmallows, flavored teas or coffee, grain alcohol (such as beer, ale, rye, scotch, and vodka), gravy, imitation meats, processed meats, salad dressing, seasoning packets, soups, soy sauce, and dietary supplements. When gluten-reactive patients have accidentally ingested gluten, breaking down the proteins quickly can help alleviate discomfort. E3 Advanced Plus™ is a unique multi-enzyme, probiotic, prebiotic blend and gluten pulverizing formula designed to effectively address inadvertent gluten ingestion.* E3 Advanced Plus™ goes beyond formulas featuring the DPP-IV enzyme, offering quick and more complete degradation of gluten proteins.* Top 8 Antigens and Bt Toxins E3 Advanced Plus has additional benefits. It is shown to produce 99% digestion of all 8 major antigens (wheat, dairy, soy, egg, nuts, fish, hemp and pea) within 90 minutes. Recent studies also demonstrate that E3 Advanced Plus breaks down up to 60% of Bt Toxins. Taken before a meal, probiotic in E3 Advanced Plus™, in the dosages used in our product, has been shown in a USA University study to ‘normalize cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose where you see a reduction compared to placebo’. Key Benefits Supports 99% pulverization of gluten proteins* Supports normal digestive function* For more info visit their site. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  6. Celiac.com 05/01/2018 - SprinJene Natural toothpaste’s patented formula of Black Seed Oil and Zinc controls the growth of tartar and mineral buildup, helps fight gingivitis and reduce gum inflammation, while providing relief from dry mouth and delivering long lasting oral freshness. All SprinJene toothpastes are certified Gluten-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Kosher, and Halal. Available at Amazon, Vitacost, Costco.com, Lucky Vitamin, Hannaford, H-E-B, Bed Bath and Beyond, Big Y, and more. To learn more visit www.sprinjene.com. Order SprinJene at: Costco's Web Site or www.sprinjene.com.
  7. Celiac.com 05/01/2019 - Imagine my surprise when I discovered I was being glutened by my lipstick and makeup!?! After much research on why I was still suffering from gluten symptoms, I found that they both did! That search led me to Lipsense, by Senegence – this long lasting, moisturizing lipstick lasts up to 18 hours without smudging off! It's like MAGIC! LipSense is gluten-free, vegan, organic, wax free, lead free, cruelty free and non-GMO. SeneGence uses only the highest quality ingredients and all their products (Lipsense, full makeup line, full skin care line, spa line, and hair care line – all anti-aging!) are made entirely in the USA. LipSense is NOT a stain; it is not drying. After applying the lipcolor, you apply a Lipsense gloss to seal it in and moisturize your lips with Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Your lips will become more plump and you will begin to notice fewer lines in your lips!!!! Your lips will be in their best condition ever! There are over 70 colors to choose from, and over 20 glosses; which can also be worn by themselves. Beware....you may just get addicted to LipSense! There is a reason why the Rockettes and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders wear our Blu Red and Fly Girl colors, and why we're the official lipstick of Broadway - it's that good! And just wait until you try our Volumizing Mascara with growth serum, our tinted moisturizer, our smudge proof eyeliner, or our tightening and firming cream… it's all so amazing and all gluten free! Click here to see all of our Lipsense colors and skin care products.
  8. Celiac.com 05/03/2019 - Summer is nearly here! Are you getting as excited as we are? Road trips, camping, hanging out at the pool … summer weather is the ultimate recipe for fun. If you have kids in tow, you also know that it can be tricky keeping them satiated during all their playful activities. Let's make gluten-free snacking simple! Introducing Three Bakers' Gluten-Free Snackers Three Bakers' Snackers are available in four delicious flavors that will satisfy even the pickiest of eater! Honey Graham Snackers, WINNER of the 2016 Gluten-Free Awards, has just a slight hint of sweetness you can crunch one or use as a base for your favorite pie!. Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chocolate Chip are like cookies but much healthier with only 90 calories, 5 grams of fat and 4 grams of sugar per 1 ounce serving. If you're seeking a savory treat, you'll absolutely love the flavor of our Real Cheddar Snackers. Think Goldfish or Cheezits but gluten-free and absolutely delicious! Three Bakers products are baked by hand with a commitment to your health as well as your taste buds. Each crunchy bite of these delicious gluten-free Snackers is packed full of flavor and is made with REAL all natural ingredients. Snackers are better than cookies, tastier than crackers, and have fewer calories than either. With about 22 Snackers per one ounce serving, that's a whole lot of snacking with not a lot of guilt. Best of all, our Snackers are available for purchase right here.
  9. Celiac.com 04/24/2019 - We now live in a society where much of our population, including our children, are overfed but undernourished. Dietary supplements can play an important role in closing the nutritional gap. For a child’s body to develop normally, essential nutrients need to be consumed each and every day. Children need vitamins and minerals for their normal growth and for the nourishment of their organs and bones. This can be quite a task, especially since many young children are picky about the foods they eat. A good way to be sure children get the nutrients required to produce a healthy body and brain is to give them a daily multivitamin and mineral. Multivitamin supplements in the form of liquids or drops, are often the best option for children who are sometimes unable to swallow a tablet. And there are other advantages: Liquid supplements allow a multivitamin/mineral to be mixed with food or a child’s favorite beverage and make it easier to take, regardless of the child’s age Often liquids contain higher doses of active ingredients and lower levels of sugar Liquid formulas allow for greater bioavailability and absorption of the nutrients Unfortunately, most multi liquid formulas include only the vitamins, not the minerals, needed for healthy development at a young age. But you can count on ChildLife Liquid Multi Vitamin and Mineral to supply all the primary minerals as well. In addition, ChildlLife Multivitamin & Mineral contains Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium, Selenium, Manganese, Potassium, Chromium & Potassium as well as Choline and Inositol for healthy brain neurotransmitter support. And like all our products, ChildLife Multivitamin & Mineral is gluten free, casein free, alcohol free with no artificial colorings, flavorings or sweeteners. It is a complete multi formula you can be comfortable and confident giving your child. For more info visit: Visit Our Site.
  10. Celiac.com 04/08/2019 - After my son almost died from an accidental peanut exposure, I realized there weren’t any safe, natural allergen-free nutrition products made in gluten-free and nut-free factory. So I created Nutracelle to help families everywhere have safer, natural food that actually tastes delicious. 2 in every 3 women in North America are actively trying to lose weight, and allergies have grown 5 fold over the last 30 years. In fact, 2 children in every classroom have a life-threatening allergy. And even more suffer from debilitating gluten and soy intolerances. That’s why Nutracelle is so important! Nutracelle has created the very first all-natural, peanut-free, tree-nut and gluten-free prebiotic protein products you can shake, bake and blend with. Not only are Nutracelle’s products delicious - they are all made with 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or additives. Each scoop of Nutralean is packed with healthy protein and prebiotic fiber, which helps you feel full for hours so you naturally eat less, and helps your body absorb more of the protein you need. In fact, prebiotic protein helps repair gut-flora, and build a healthy microbiome that is essential for good health and mental clarity. Simply add Nutralean to any dish, use it to replace flour and sugar, or simply add water for a decadent shake on-the-go. Nutracelle won the International Business Award for Best New Product in 2016. Melanie R. E. Wildman Founder, CEO Nutracelle For more info, visit our site.
  11. Celiac.com 05/06/2019 - $10 off during May to celebrate Celiac Awareness Month! imaware™ is a pioneering at-home health testing platform that provides accurate and actionable at-home disease screening. The imaware™ mission is to empower patients with the ability to accurately screen for diseases from the comfort of their own home by removing the existing barriers to testing. imaware™ believes this will increase the likelihood of early detection and diagnosis dramatically, and earlier medical diagnosis will enable health and lifestyle adjustments that can significantly improve quality of life. Through the imaware™ platform, patients can easily order an at-home testing kit, take the test at their own convenience, and mail back their sample for lab processing. The tests are processed by our CLIA certified laboratory using small volume microarray lab equipment, which multiplexes multiple biomarkers, and results are made available to patients online within 3 days. imaware™ designs and validates each of their at-home tests alongside a panel of leading medical and scientific advisors. The first test available on the imaware™ platform is for celiac disease. Celiac Disease is one of the most under-diagnosed diseases in the United States, with over 3 million Americans currently affected by celiac disease, and over 60% of those affected remaining undiagnosed. It currently takes the average patient over 5 years from recognizing initial symptoms to be diagnosed, which makes it difficult and costly to make the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce potential damage. imaware™ has worked with leading medical experts such as Dr. Gaundalini, Medical Director of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and Dr. Schuppan, who discovered the tTG biomarker for use in the identification of Celiac Disease to develop their leading at-home celiac disease test, which is currently available for $99 online. Home-based testing for a healthier future Many people could be making healthier decisions in their lives if they knew more about their health. There are many diseases that are significantly under-diagnosed, especially if the symptoms are not as "direct" and observable. It is in these spaces that imaware™ wants to impact positive change. Currently the imaware™ at-home test for celiac disease is available ffor purchase, and a new test to support celiac disease monitoring for those already diagnosed will launch in January 2019. Additional tests for rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and prostate cancer are planned for release the coming months. For more information about the imaware™ and to purchase the celiac disease at-home test please visit our website.
  12. Celiac.com 03/01/2019 - Mikey’s is the creator of truly delicious baked goods made with simple, clean ingredients. Inspired by a lack of healthy gluten-free products in the market today, founder Mike Tierney set out to provide great tasting better-for-you products that have the nutritional value consumers are looking for. At 13-years-old, Michael Tierney began working in professional kitchens after school. Following his passion for cooking, Tierney enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America, and eventually worked in some of the best kitchens in the world—including three-Michelin star restaurants, The French Laundry and Eleven Madison Park. Tierney’s entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to depart the world of fine dining and focus on his own creative ventures—which is when he founded the recipe for what would become Mikey’s English Muffins. The following year, in 2014—the first year of Mikey’s LLC— Tierney singlehandedly financed the business, developed the company’s initial products, sourced commercial co-packers to manufacture the product, and sold the product to national retailers. Today, Mikey’s is one of the fastest growing brands in the better-for-you category—available in over 5,000 stores nationwide—featuring an expanding portfolio of nutritious and delicious baked goods that caters to health-conscious foodies across the country. Packed with flavor and free-from many common allergens, Mikey’s full product line includes: English muffins, muffin tops, sliced bread, pizza crust, tortillas, and Pizza Pockets—perfect as a standalone meal or an on-the-go snack. All products are Certified Gluten-Free, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO and Certified Paleo, with Certified Vegan and Keto Certified options as well. Be sure to check out eatmikeys.com to learn more about Mikey’s products, find tasty recipes, and order the latest products right to your door! Contact Us: info@eatmikeys.com For more info visit our site.
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