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  1. Walmart's online site lists the ingredients - http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?...uct_id=10308042

    It looks ok. Of course, you'll want to double check the ingredients when you buy it.

    If you have a Wal Mart near you, you might check out their store brand pie fillings ("Great Value" brand). Last time I bought some it was clearly marked Gluten Free. Their web page also lists it as gluten free - http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?...uct_id=10314928

  2. I was surprised to hear that Drug Emporium has gluten free items. I decided to stop by, but didn't want to get my hopes up. I went to the one in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Rodney Parham Road.

    They had an entire aisle dedicated to gluten-free - both sides! Going from memory:

    Glutino cookies

    Glutino pretzels

    Kini-toos cookies (like Oreos)

    Chebe mixes (several kinds)

    Granola (can't remember the brand)

    Several brands of pasta

    Mrs. Leeper

  3. You should take them back to the store and politely ask to speak to a manager. Show the manager the problem and tell her/him that all the boxes on their shelves are the same way. Trust me, the manager will want to know. They should refund your money, and remove all the other boxes so no one else will buy them.

    They may or may not notify the company. Stuff grows on food, it's really not that unusual. They may just throw out the boxes and absorb the cost. But you really should let them know, so no one else buys them.

    I once bought a box of chocolates that had worms in it. I took it back and the manager rushed over and personally started gathering up all the other boxes of that candy.