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  1. I have searched to find out anything about this vitamin e cream. It is a company in Canada. I bought it at the dollar store. It is Delon vitamin e cream. Lot munber c7j140. I am making lotion using this vitamin e cream and it sounds okay, but i didn't know for sure. Ingredients are as follows: aqua(water), stearic acid, petrolatum, glycerin, cetyl alchol, PEG-100 stearate(and) glyceryl stearate, acrylates/steareth-20 methacrlate copolmer, carbomer, triethanolamine, tocopheryl acetate(vitamin e acetate), phenoxyethanol(and) isoproplparaben (and) isobutylparaben (and) butyparaben, parfum(fragrance), disodium EDTA, red 33. Thanks for any information about this vitamin e cream. Nicki
  2. The doctor wanted me to empty my stomach because the x-ray showed I had to much stuff in there. Well duh, because I just got done eating about 40 minutes before that!! Daisy Duke-I tried that site and din't see anything(maybe just too tired after being in ER). I agree with you-that is a very good list and I go there all the time. Yup Kaeopectate is my friend since I can't Imidium(ended up in ER 2 years ago 5 times after having the big D and taking this. Told me not to take it any more cause that was causing the problems-I tend to not believe this, but I don't take it anymore.). Jenny C.-Thanks for the info on Mylanta. I am feeling better today- just have the big D after taking potassium tables. My levels were low so I take these horse pills for 3 days. Yucky!! Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks for all the information. Nicki
  3. I was wondering if this product was gluten-free? I was in the ER last night and they said to take milk of magnesia for my stomach. Or I could take maalox. I haven't found anything last night while searching and I thought I would ask before I head to work. Thanks. Nicki
  4. Almond bark peanut cluster-just peanuts and bark, Turtles-I am trying this recipe-melting carmels then putting pieces of pecans in-letting this set up and then pouring chocolate bark over it. peanut brittle is okay-use my micro recipe and ingredients are okay. Just have a question on ritz type cracker for almond bark. Any ideas? My sister usually makes eggnog cookies and I am going to try to make tose too. Thanks for the help. Nicki
  5. I use to make all sorts of Christmas goodies. Now I am wondering what is gluten-free. This is my first Christmas gluten-free. I want to make almond bark peanut clusters, toffee, turtles, peanut brittle and other cookies. I haven't seen anything about these food items. Can anybody give me some insight on these? I don't really know about almond bark. I would probably get this from wal-mart. The brand is Plymouth Pantry. The ingredients are as follows: suggar(sugar,cornstarch), partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil,cocoa process with alkali, cocoa,soy lecithin(an emulsifier),artificial flavor,milk. The only thing that I would question is the artificial flavor. Thanks for any help. Nicki
  6. Thanks for the replies. I did see that Wal-Mart creamer is gluten-free and Sanka is a maxwell house product. I probably will call the company and find out if it is okay. Again thanks. Anyone else have any ideas? Nicki
  7. I posted a question about coffe. I don't know where my post went to. I don't see it on the board at all. I'll try it again. What kinds of instant coffee ok okay for us to drink? I am making my own mixes for the holidays. Also what kinds of cappucino are okay? Thanks. Nicki
  8. Could someone tell my what instant coffe is safe to drink? I am making up coffee and cappuccino mixes to give away at Christmas and was wondering about the ingriedence. It calls for french vanilla cappuccino, creamer,coffee and powdered milk. I was wondering which brands do you like to use for instant coffee, creamer, and powdered milk. I don't drink any of this so I need some help please. Thanks a bunch. Nicki
  9. Does anyone know if these are gluten-free? Chunky Monkey Milkshake has these ingred. listed: skim milk,water,sugar, cream,rice starch , banana puree, natural flavor, salt, carrageenan, cocoa(processed with alkali), annatto(color). choclate fudge brownie ingred.: skim milk, water,sugar,rice starch, cocoa(processes with alkali), natural flavor, carrageenan. I don't see anything but the natural flavor. I haven't called because it is too late now.(just got home from the store). If they are not gluten-free my kids will love to drink this. Thanks for any info. Nicki
  10. Thanks for the answers. The lady doing this had information on paper and said that she has researched it because she has an uncle who is a celiac. I still don't want to try it. She did have free samples to try, I passed because I really didn't want the after effects(Didn't want to chance it). I have been feeling pretty good lately and I don't want to slide down the ladder!! I might try and see if I can find the other post. Again thanks for answering my question. Nicki
  11. They claim that their products are gluten-free. The person doing the demo meeting tonight said that the Celiac Sprue Association did testing and it was gluten free. I still don't know if I agree with that because the "veggie tablet" has barley and oats. Has anyone heard of this product? Any info would be greatly appreicative. Thanks. Nicki
  12. Jennas-auntie, Thanks for the information. I sent you a pm. I am taking my gluten-free information along(still learning here) so that will help. I am thing about taking a toaster or getting a small george foreman grill to take along too. I do intend to have fun. Just still nervous. Thanks again. Nicki
  13. Corrine, Thanks and I sent you a pm for that info. I am sooo nervous about going anywhere. I really don't need to get sick on vacation!!! Nicki
  14. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me find health food stores or restaurants in the SD area(near the Badlands/Mt Rushmore area) and the yellowstone area? We are staying over night in livingston,MT and a few other places in SD. We are taking our first vacation since I was DXed. I am taking a seperate cooler and tote with my things in it. I am thinging about taking these things: tuna, hard boiled eggs, nut thins, soy chips, cereal, PB, corn tortillas, cookies and muffins. Am I missing anything easy to take with me? I am a little bit worried about eating at different restuarants that I don't know anything about. I just hate having my family not go to eat out because of me. Any advise and help will he nice. I have gotten lots of things from these boards. Thanks in advance. Nicki
  15. As in, had been used with gluten foods but had been washed kind of thing. I am thinking DH used that wooden spoon to stir regular macaroni with. After washing it, I then I used it to stir my hot juices with. Nicki
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