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    worked integrals, hot glass, cooking from scratch, running in the sun, cats that cuddle, long summer nights, yarn (crochet), GF beer, laughing till it hurts, getting out early from heat transfer lab, pretty much anything absurd
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  1. I use Swanson's regular beef broth (canned) all the time with no problems, and I'm super sensitive. It does have MSG in it, though, if that matters. Be careful you don't pick up the "seasoned with garlic/onion" kind, those are NOT gluten-free (it says "seasoned" on the front).
  2. Does anyone else experience a 24 hour delay before the worst symptoms appear? My reactions normally last a week, minimum, but I've noticed that the severe bloating and nausea occur about a full day later (then living hell for the next three days). The somach cramps tend to start in about 30 minutes...