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  1. YES!! I react badly to the Lundberg BBQ rice chips (and possibly the other flavors, but I KNOW the BBQ chips are bad news). I have yet to get sick from the plain Sea Salt chips and continue to eat those without problems.

    Things like this really upset me. They can process food on shared equipment with wheat, just don't lie and put "GLUTEN FREE" in the corner of the product without testing.

  2. A friend and I grilled veggie and meat kabobs yesterday. She used a generic (Meijer) brand BBQ sauce and Kraft salad dressing; both appeared to be gluten-free from the ingredients listed. I, of course, used a marinade that was for sure gluten-free. We used my grill (no charcoal) but divided the cooking area.

    I now want to grill up another round of my gluten-free kabobs. Should I be concerned about traces of gluten left over from her 'questionable' sauce and dressing? Anything still on that grill is burnt to an absolute CRISP. I figure any remaining gluten proteins would have completely changed to carbon. It seems that the burning temperature of wood falls between 540 F and 1100 F (282-593 C). I'm not sure if that's also the adiabat. flame temp.

    Any thoughts from resident chemists? What's the burning/decomposition temperature of gluten?

  3. I was dx w/ celiac 2 mos. ago and felt great after going gluten-free. But then about 6 weeks into the gluten-free diet and feeling great, I got worse and am having new symptoms.

    YES! I followed the same pattern.. good for 2-3 months, then all the old symptoms + some came creeping back into my life. It was so depressing and frustrating.

    I found taking out dairy (lactose) made a HUGE difference. I suggest starting a very detailed food diary to help pinpoint contamination sources. I used a number system to quantify my health (1 was very bad and 10 was awesome). I was so indignant that gluten was finding its way into my body.. I was so super super careful with everything, that I figured it was impossible! Keeping the diary made me realize a product or two (Pamela's cookies, etc) were setting me off every single time. Be aware that you might be reacting to things you NEVER DREAMED POSSIBLE!! Also, as your body becomes even more sensitive, you will begin to react to new, different products. The diary is/was very helpful and helped me "connect the dots".

    I hope you feel better soon. I'm glad to report my health has improved tremendously since I removed the 2-3 contaminated products from my diet. It's a long road (over a year into the diet), but so worth it. Please realize it will gradually get better once you weed out contaminates and other triggers.

  4. Sometimes, after a gluten contamination, I get weird vertigo. None of mine have been that scary, but there have been times when I've fallen over from lack of balance and watched everything 'shift' in front of me. A few nights I had to fall asleep sitting up on my couch because it was too disorienting to lie down. My vertigo definitely is gluten-triggered and won't go away until I sleep for awhile. However, sometimes the dizziness is coupled with digestive problems and other times just with gluten induced headaches (my symptoms vary)-- so I guess it is possible your vertigo is also gluten related. I hope you feel better.

  5. Nicole-

    Dairy-free isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've found substitutions for everything except ricotta cheese and heavy cream (although I bet powdered rice milk mixed up thick would work).

    Butter- Earth Balance Buttery Sticks

    Cheese- Galaxy Nutritional Foods Rice Shreds (they have cheddar and mozzarella flavors.. they melt great on hot food!!) GNF also has a soy Parmesan cheese that's not bad. I think Tofutti cheese slices are gross and don't melt well.

    Ice cream- Lactose Free Breyer's (vanilla) or So Delicious (by Turtle mountain) or Tofutti

    Sour cream- Tofutti "Sour Supreme" (Soy)

    Cream cheese- Tofutti "Better than Cream Cheese" (soy; It works fine in cheesecake!)

    Chocolate- Enjoy Life chocolate chips (morsels for baking, they are semi-sweet)

    I'm not a big milk or yogurt fan, but I know rice milk and soy yogurt are easy to find. Tofutti should be gluten-free. For recipes (not desserts) that call for heavy cream, I normally just use Swanson canned chicken broth and melt in some GNF mozzarella 'cheese'. It tastes great with potatoes and adds more flavor than just water. Hope this helps.

  6. Hey-- I TOTALLY feel your pain.. I'm working in two labs this semester. It sucks to know you are suppost to be alert and quick, but feel stuffy, dizzy and slow.

    I misplace vocabulary quite often.. people I work with just laugh and wait for me to find the illusive word. I've found people who know me don't care too much, especially since they understand my condition and are not bothered by me stopping to collect my thoughts (besides, no engineer I know really speaks that fluidly!). Anyone who doesn't know me, and thinks I'm stupid, can really just chill out. I try to keep my cool, slow down, and keep going.

    However, when I get bad brain fog, like with bad, bad headaches and vertigo (after some cross-contamination) I can't push through it. I, too, get scared to drive, work with delicate systems, do hard homework, etc...

    So when that happens, I just push my work aside, find a comfy chair or table to lie my head on, and take a short 15-30 minute nap. It normally clears up my head and seems to really rejuvenate me. I try to keep a flexible work schedule and start homework early so I will have time to "pass out" when my body tells me to. I communicate with my profs and "co-workers" alot. If I'm just too sick, or dangerous, to come in to the lab, I tell them what's up and normally they are perfectly fine with that.

    If you are still feeling sick off of gluten, I agree with what others said: you are probably still getting it in somewhere. It took me FOREVER to finally figure out the ONE source of 'weekly' contamination, even though I was super careful... talk about frustrating. You might have to call a bunch of companies or search products on the web. Once I switched over to a totally gluten-free apartment, my health really improved.

    Good luck with your research and finding some relief!!

  7. This is really two different topics... But has anyone had any trouble after eating Lundbergs BBQ Rice chips? I get a feeling that everytime I eat them I don't feel right, I get those stomach cramps... I am wondering if there is something else in those chips that bother others that I should take a look at.

    YES YES YES.. I finally realized those stupid BBQ Lundberg chips have been making me ill for the past 2-3 months. I always suspected other items because it said "gluten-free" right on the bag and Lundberg was a 'trusted' company.

    Every time I ate those chips, I would get said cramps (exactly 1 hr later, it seems) and loose stools. Then the rest of the gluten-reaction followed from there. I've yet to have a noticeable reaction from other LB chips, but I'm wary to buy any others since I just learned they are all processed on lines that also handle gluten!! In my book, shared lines + cramps/bloating/gluten-nausea DOES NOT EQUAL gluten free.

    I hope you feel better soon. It's so depressing how one or two bad products can make you feel so bad for so long.

  8. Customer Service called me back today and the Lundberg chips (all varieties) are processed in a different plant on equipment that also processes gluten.

    Holy sh*t!! Mtndog, thanks so much for the info!! I'm so pissed! I just assumed Lundberg was a 'safe' company!! How DARE they not list that statement on those bags, especially when they proclaim "Gluten free" right on the front.

    I can't wait till labeling laws, so companies will stop LYING on their products and making people SICK.

    Okay, so no more Lundberg chips... anyone else have any safe chip suggestions?

  9. I wish the reaction was dairy! I can tell when it is gluten or not by the bumps that come up on my hands and abdomen (plus different symptoms). I eat the Sea Salt Lundberg chips all the time with no problem.. it just seems to be the Bbq chips for me.

    I feel pretty good when not being contaminated. Taking out the Pamela's cookies really made a noticeable difference to my health. THANKS to you all who gave me heads up on suspecting anything processed. I love my fruits and veggies, but sometimes just want the nice 'crunch' of cereal or chips.

  10. I finally found out what has been bothering me for the past three months: Lundberg's BBQ rice chips and Pamela's cookies give me a gluten reaction (not another intolerance.. I have definite DH outbreaks!!).

    It puzzles me why I didn't react before to these items... could I have become more sensitive to gluten even 1 year into the diet? ?

    I hope these products are not causing other people distress. I know I've been poisoned before by a few Bob's Red Mill gluten-free items. It sucks to buy these expensive "safe" brands and still get sick.

  11. I was craving a candy bar yesterday, but am currently staying away from dairy... so I made these up instead.

    40 Envirokidz vanilla animal cookies (you all know.. the flat square ones)

    1/4 c. (or more) chocolate chips -- I used Enjoy Life dairy free chips

    1 tsp. shortening (NOT butter)


    peanut butter or

    any jam/fruit preserve of choice (maybe strawberry or cherry or orange marmalade...mmm)

    I bet caramel or marshmallow would be good, too!

    1. Place animal cookies out on parchment paper on a large plate or small cookie sheet.

    2. Spread your favorite filling on 20 of the cookies. Use remaining cookies as the top half of the sandwich. Be sure to press down well. I found the fruit cookies didn't stay together as well as the pb ones.

    3. Pour chocolate chips out into small saucepan or pot. Begin melting chips over low heat, stirring in the shortening until smooth and silky. This does not take too long.

    4. Remove from heat and place cookies carefully into chocolate until well coated. If the fruit ones fall apart, just drizzle chocolate over them (and down the sides) instead of dipping.

    5. Once fully coated with chocolate, let them firm up in the fridge or freezer.

  12. It's nice to see the FDA considering our needs, however, I certainly hope companies that slap a "gluten free" label on their products have ACTUALY TESTED them to be under 20ppm.

    I know I've been glutened by foods that have "gluten free" printed right on the box. It does no good for us to have products labeled gluten free that are actually very contaminated. I don't care about going to the store and being "happy" about a variety of gluten free labels if I come home and the safe foods make me ill!

  13. It sucks to wake up suddenly at 4am, feeling like you are going to vomit. That would happen to me alot before diagnosis; I had to walk around for hours at night to calm myself down (like you, I have not actually thrown up *yet* from those 'feelings'). If I get badly cross-contaminated, that feeling at night returns. Nausea was, and still is, my biggest symptom.

    I found that if I stop eating before 6pm, it would pretty much guarantee a symptom-free night. I know that is kinda early, but I was just so sick of feeling ill at night, it was worth it. Another thing: if I feel bad before going to bed, I try falling asleep first with my head and upper body 'raised'.. such as on a couch or propped up against a wall in bed, with a pillow. I know that helps with acid reflux, so maybe our symptoms are related to reflux, even though it's nausea.

    Please get a good night's rest!

  14. I hate the cold, too!! Hard to like anything below 60 F when you are shivering violently and so tense everything just aches. Even with several layers on my fingernails and lips go from purple to white. Hats and a scarf seem to help, some. I was never like this before celiac struck.

    Last winter I would freeze so bad at night, even under 5+ blankets. So two weeks ago I purchased a wonderful electric blanket and it keeps me so warm! It was expensive, but definitely a GREAT investment for a good night's rest.

  15. So much for the only fruit, veggies and meat deal. Had a small pear last night and got glutened (DH, trembling, sudden fatigue, nausea.. definitely gluten... fruits have never bothered me before). Washed it and my hands off for at least two minutes under running water, but I guess it wasn't enough. I even ate around the sticker.

    Every time I want to kiss him, I remember how damn sensitive I am. We decided when I am well for at least two weeks, then maybe we'll risk it-- but since last Christmas, that hasn't happened.

    I've started calling companies about all my toiletries and cleaning supplies. So far Cheer has declined to disclose if there is gluten in their laundry detergent.. they said the ingredients were patented and I needed a doctor's note sent to them, then wouldn't tell me where to send my "medical documentation". God, it's not like I wanted a full ingredients list with mixing instructions!

    Oh well, at least that was like three good days in a row.

  16. Thanks everyone for the great advice.... I think I'll just have to give up my cereals, cookies and chips for awhile and see if that makes a difference. I never thought I would willingly cut my diet down that much, but I just want to be well and finish college.

    Before I moved into my own place and got new pots and pans, toaster, etc.. I was getting sick at least three times a week, probably from cc with my roommates.

    I WAS re-heating 'old' food on paper plates... I wonder if it's coming from that! Creepy.

    The only craft-type thing I do is crochet (please tell me yarn is gluten-free!!). If I get a bad enough case of DH, they appear elsewhere, but the hands always come first.

    I have not kissed my boyfriend in over 6 months :( - he doesn't want to get me sick. I also NEVER put my hands near my lips unless they have been washed several times.

    Due to time and money, I don't wear any makeup, but do wash my face in the mornings with Neutrogena Oil-free Acne scrub. All lotions scare me, so I get by without them. The very rare times I use make-up, like once every two months, I notate it in my diary and notice no effects.

    I use Colgate toothpaste, Aussie shampoo, Palmolive dish detergent, Dove hand soap, Burt's bees lip balm, Cheer laundry soap, and Pantene curly hair mousse. None of these have any noticable wheat or barley or oats in them (threw out a hair product that did). Do you think it could still be hidden in some of those 8-syllable chemical names listed in the ingredients?? Has anyone had any problems with any of these items? (these are seriously the only 'products' I use besides contact solution!!) I'll probably call these companies soon and get a double-check anyway.

    It seems to be so random, that it MUST be coming from a 'non-food' source. Do you think chalkboard chalk contains wheat? I sit in the front row during lecture and sometimes can see the little dust particles floating around. This disease makes me feel like a paranoid freak!

    Thanks so much for listening.


  17. My main reactions are delayed by a full 24-hrs, so it's really hard to figure out what I had the day before that was contaminated.. especially when my diet consists of no 'high-risk items' (no eating out, no 'mainstream' processed foods, etc..) I am sick of all these mysterious, once-a-week glutenings that occur after eating nothing but safe/washed fresh meats, fresh veggies, fresh fruits, Tinkyada pasta, Enjoy Life cookies, Lundberg rice chips and Envirokidz cereal (no dairy)!!

    I keep a detailed food diary and it doesn't help-- sometimes it shows me getting sick from food I prepared two days ago that was fine when I first ate it!! I know the reactions are gluten because these stupid DH bumps pop up on my hands-- they are the first sign that tomorrow will be a very bad day.

    Sorry.. frustrated.

  18. I'm beginning to think that cooking in a 90% gluten free kitchen will NOT do the trick. I was soo sick last semester and most of the summer, even after totally giving up gluten and dairy. My roommates continued to eat gluten and would leave crumbs everywhere. I was SUPER strict with cleaning to protect myself, but I would still get glutened at least twice a week, even when eating everything fresh. I thought I would just have to live with the pain and misery, since I could never figure out where the gluten was coming from.

    But then I moved into another apartment. I gutted the whole kitchen (like, cleaned every drawer, cabinet, range, knobs, etc..) and put down new contact paper. I also rewashed my own pots and pans and wiped down all of my own belongings.

    Now I get sick like once every two weeks, and the reactions are much milder!! It's like night and day what a TOTALLY 100% gluten free kitchen will do. I was surprised what a difference it made and how sick I could get from just touching contaminated doorknobs!

    I hope you get to feeling better.