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  1. IrishTwins2009

    Rising Ttg-iga

    ? Thanks.
  2. Hello Curious what your thoughts are. We are currently awaiting to get into children's hospital with my daughter. Her blood work showed low iga, not deficient but below normal so her Ttg iga wasn't positive. My hubby and I believe she gets it from him so he is also being tested, however he ate gluten free for a couple of months, not super long before he went back on gluten. He had two different blood tests both not positive however his Ttg-iga did increase. Do you think it would have increased if it's not possible it's celiac. His results: March 5 ttg iga 8 Ref range <16 units/ml normal April 16 ttg iga 13 ref range <16 units/ml normal I know these aren't the full panel. I just have a hard time believing his numbers wouldn't be rising if there wasn't something going on and I'm wondering if you've heard of this happening. Thanks
  3. IrishTwins2009

    Help w/ Bloodwork

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I just hope this all goes fast because I want my daughter to feel better. I will definitely ask for a full panel. ???
  4. We got my daughters blood back. (I know it wasn't a full panel) I need help. My gut screams celiac. We got a referral to a pediatric GI. Could her blood work still be indicative of celiac. Thanks Tissue Transglutaminase Ab IGA <3 <16 considered normal (no actual number given just less than 3) Immunoglobulins IGA 0.38 flagged as low 0.45-2.37 normal Ferritin 36.6 flagged low 40.0-200.0 normal Neutrophils 9.1 flagged high 1.7-5.0 normal Lymphocytes 0.6 flagged low 1.9-4.3 normal Thoughts, thanks ?
  5. IrishTwins2009

    Gluten Challenge

    Thank you so much for your prayers. I've been in tears a lot seeing my daughter struggle. ?
  6. Hello I'm wondering if any of your children had to do the gluten challenge, and if so how long did you do it and did you get positive results. I'm very worried about my daughter. She did the gluten challenge and got to 7 weeks plan, she has been a bucket of sick since starting, was to get to 12 but she caught a cold and it hit her so bad that she ended up in the ER with breathing difficulties so I took her in the next to get her blood tests. I figured we could go in and get a referral even if the results are negative. I'm terrified I made a mistake by not waiting longer. We did the bloodwork on Monday and still haven't heard from the doctors. I am trying not to panic but there is something going on with my kid and I want answers. I'm not feeling very patient. thanks for listening
  7. IrishTwins2009

    Bloodwork quetion

    Thank you ??
  8. IrishTwins2009

    Bloodwork quetion

    Thanks. Our Doctor is a dingbat and told us everyone is a little intolerant to gluten when we told him my hubby felt better after not eating, but returned to feeling awful after eating gluten again. Do you think that the Ttg IGA would rise at all if there wasn't a possibility of celiac? I am not sure how to ask my question. I will also take note of the tests you mention and have him tested in a couple more months. ?
  9. Hello I'm wondering if anyone knows if we should retest in the future. My husband has suffered most of his life with symptoms that after many tests were deemed in his head. He went off gluten and finally found some relief. He went on the gluten challenge. He did a couple different blood tests here are his numbers: Taken at 2 and a half weeks after starting gluten challenge: Total IGA 1.27 (0.7-4.00 considered within normal range) IGA 8 (16 and over considered not within range) Taken at 2 months: Total IGA 1.36 (0.7-4.00 considered within normal range) IGA 13 (16 and over considered not within range) Is it normal for the numbers to rise? Also should we retest in the future? We are also waiting in results for my daughter. Thanks
  10. IrishTwins2009

    Brain Fog?

    Your description helps me understand it a bit better. Her intolerance to noise seemed to be getting worse slowly over the years, but when we took her off gluten, all her issues settled. Her ability to cope with noise has become extreme and worsened since starting the challenge. As a mother it's tough to see her suffer. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it.
  11. My 8yo daughter has been doing the gluten challenge for almost a month now. There is one thing I've noticed has been getting worse and to the point she has to leave her classroom to go for a walk to get away from the noise or needs to wear sound cancelling headphones. She says she can't concentrate with all the noise. Her brother also has autism and he stims, and repeats words or sounds over and over again. She seems to get super anxious and begs him to stop. I asked her if the noise was hurting her ears and she said no. She said it's like her brain is all jumbled. Does that sound like something brain fog would do? I have tried to google brain fog to get a better understanding of what it might feel like but I'm not sure.
  12. IrishTwins2009

    8 year old possible celiac

    Thank you so much. I will look into all of that.
  13. IrishTwins2009


    Thank you so much. It can feel so disheartening when we were so sure and to be met with negative results but I don't believe it was a full panel and he didn't eat gluten long. It also appears our GP doesn't understand celiac. We don't know if it's even celiac, but taking gluten out was the only thing at has ever brought relief other than pain meds for my hubby. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. ?
  14. IrishTwins2009


    Thank you. He is going to keep eating gluten for as long as he can and he will redo the blood test. It's just so frustrating seeing him ill and we thought we finally figured out the mystery.
  15. What do you think? My 8 year old has been "sick" most of her life however when we first took her to many doctors, we were told we were crazy and she was fine. My daughters symptoms include: -constipation, sometimes it's green without any foods that would cause it -bumpy skin -itchy skin without rash -gets super flushed -chronic stomach pain -chronic leg pain -chronic sore throat -her fingers are incredible sensitive to cold, (it doesn't even have to be super cold), her fingers get red and she has screamed in pain from them. -tired and restless. Cuddling with her is a pain. -super irritable and would be sad for no known reason. Also a couple of things we noticed when she wasn't eating gluten versus when she was, that she would stay in her own bed and she wasn't feeling scared about what was under bed. She also was able to read more. She also missed a lot less school because she seemed more well and happy. I've been down this road before with doctors and they completely dismissed myself and my hubby. I'm so scared they won't listen. Do you think this could be an intolerance of some kind? Does it sound familiar to anyone. Thank you ?