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  1. IrishTwins2009

    Rising Ttg-iga

    ? Thanks.
  2. Hello Curious what your thoughts are. We are currently awaiting to get into children's hospital with my...
  3. IrishTwins2009

    Help w/ Bloodwork

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I just hope this all goes fast because I want my daughter to feel better. I...
  4. We got my daughters blood back. (I know it wasn't a full panel) I need help. My gut screams celiac. We got a referral...
  5. IrishTwins2009

    Gluten Challenge

    Thank you so much for your prayers. I've been in tears a lot seeing my daughter struggle. ?
  6. IrishTwins2009

    Gluten Challenge

    Hello I'm wondering if any of your children had to do the gluten challenge, and if so how long did you do...
  7. IrishTwins2009

    Bloodwork quetion

    Thank you ??
  8. IrishTwins2009

    Bloodwork quetion

    Thanks. Our Doctor is a dingbat and told us everyone is a little intolerant to gluten when we told him my hubby felt...
  9. Hello I'm wondering if anyone knows if we should retest in the future. My husband has suffered most of his life...
  10. IrishTwins2009

    Brain Fog?

    Your description helps me understand it a bit better. Her intolerance to noise seemed to be getting worse slowly over...
  11. My 8yo daughter has been doing the gluten challenge for almost a month now. There is one thing I've noticed has been...
  12. IrishTwins2009

    8 year old possible celiac

    Thank you so much. I will look into all of that.
  13. IrishTwins2009


    Thank you so much. It can feel so disheartening when we were so sure and to be met with negative results but I don't...
  14. IrishTwins2009


    Thank you. He is going to keep eating gluten for as long as he can and he will redo the blood test. It's just so frustrating...
  15. What do you think? My 8 year old has been "sick" most of her life however when we first took her to many...