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  1. A good homeopathic remedy for sour stomach, aid indigestion, and heartburn is Acidil.
  2. Ever since being diagnosed in OCT 05, I continue to recognize little things that must be CS related yet have been going on forever . My inner ears have been itching for over 12 years. Sometimes a small itch; sometimes so intense that I find myself digging with whatever I can get my hands on. The first doctor I mentioned it to said, "well, don't scratch them." Thank you very much! I use hydrocortisone cream but it must be reapplied every few days.
  3. I thought I'd just through it out there. Are you from the Lane County area?
  4. I've found that "The Gluten-Free Bible: The Thoroughly Indispensable Guide to Negotiating Life without Wheat" by Jax Peters Lowell is all I need. It provides recipes for general flour mixes, pastry mixes, baking mixes, etc. along with a wealth of knowledge on Celiacs. I no longer have all-purpose or w/w flour, Bisquik, Krustez, oats, etc. in my home. I use my new mixes in all my old recipes.
  5. Honeybaked Ham - gluten-free or not?
  6. ErraticBinxie- What restaurants have you found in Eugene that you would recommend as gluten-free?
  7. You might give EnviroKidz Gorilla Munch and EnviroKidz Panda Puffs a try.
  8. I'm rather new in the Gluten-Free arena. I've been using one recipe for a basic flour mix that I use for baking i.e., cookies, cornbread, sweetbreads, whatever calls for flour. I figure there are others out there. Can you share your recipes and maybe what you especially use them for? Thanks.
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