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  1. Miss Christy: Gobbie say's it all really. Do the same simple test as Starbuck's legal council.... If you get ill after what can you claim/sue for?
  2. See there you go again .... Product: Captain Morgan - Original Spiced Rum Ingredients: Puerto Rican Rum, Spice and other natural flavors Product: Captain Morgan - Parrot Bay Mango Ingredients: Puerto Rican Rum, natural Mango flavors Product: Captain Morgan - White Rum (38%) Ingredients...
  3. Without the pictures its hard to explain but my understanding was the crozes are the 'upright' pieces of oak. "After the toasting level is reached, the coopers are ready to finish assembling the oak barrel. The grooves inside the oak barrel (called crozes) receive an application of wheat flour...
  4. I think you misread it ??? I have to say its not crystal clear but the say the 'crozes' which they say are the "The grooves inside the oak barrel" .. I have to admit I looked at the pictures they had to clarify this as its not so clear... It is a bit worrying though.... since they way they word...
  5. Lobita, no need for the link for me.... I believe you Anyway, the problem is that stuff line finings or flavorings etc. can actually change source. So unless a company is REQUIRED to do it then they will always avoid it. To be honest my take on liquors is that there are so many we can...
  6. Spiced or the 'normal'. I think the issue here is with the spiced specifically?
  7. I realise its infuriating BUT you answered your own question. It should be OK.... but they cannot guarantee it..... You asked a direct question. They actually answered you honestly. If you asked the same question of a food company they can use the fuzzy law to mislead you legally...
  8. It doesn't sound nuts but it does sound concerning.... I'm guessing from your piccy your still much younger than I am.... As a child I was scared of the dark, witches and even Dr. Who... (as my old next-door-but-one neighbours love reminding me whenever I visit my mum).... Pipes cool...
  9. Both figs and prunes are natually infected with candida perhaps this might be a clue?
  10. This is a different case I believe..... Vomiting can be due to many factors but the most controlling is psychological in most cases (excepting this)... I DO NOT get sea sick (categorically).... hence i don't get sea sick.... If I feel nauseous I refuse to vomit because I stick to my belief....
  11. Am exploring both your sociohistorical-genetic and pathogenic ideas about the origin of celiac, which you expressed in Aug. of 2006. Very interesting!

  12. We all have days like that .... since moving I miss my freezer which was ideal... even frozen and microwaved taco's are better than risking it IMHO ... but good luck all the same
  13. Only in North America, in Europe it often comes from wheat ...
  14. Its a funny thing but often its family and close friends who have the hardest time adjusting to our diet. I think in many ways they saw us eating gluten for years and being relatively OK... especially we have a lot of things we didn't mention (toilet habits) and they just find it hard to accept...
  15. Deb is so right... From what you said I don't think you will be able to eat safely at all. Read up on CC on this forum and you will start to see. Even if she makes a seperate bird unless she thorough washes hands and makes sure no crumbs get anywhere you will have a huge chance of CC. Exactly...