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  1. Hi, I’m newly diagnosed (December, Scotland (UK)) but just wanted to provide some advice on my diagnosis incase it can help. During my blood tests for Coeliac, it was discovered that I am iga deficient & they couldn’t complete one of the tests as the iga antibody didn’t exist to test for Coeliac. All my other bloods came back negative. Due to the iga deficiency, I asked my doctor to refer me for a biopsy and it was from the biopsy results that it was confirmed that I have coeliac disease. My doctor said that I was her only second patient to have been diagnosed iga deficient so she didn’t really have a great understanding of what it meant and neither has any doctor that it’s been brought up with afterwards. Anyway, my b12 levels at the time were normal, all my bloods were. I later developed b12 deficiency but I wasn’t deficient when it was discovered that I was iga deficient. Though I’m now curious to find out what my b12 levels were last year during the blood tests. Sorry this doesn’t answer your questions. I’ve been thinking of going privately for additional tests as now I’ve eliminated gluten, I’ve noticed that I also react to dairy and a few other food products. Perhaps the private route might give you quicker answers?