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  1. Squirming, You were only on the 'empathy' thread to prove a point about this one. It's not too much to expect gluten free restaurants to actually be so, or to not be treated like a social pariah. I chose to not eat out, at commercial or other peoples houses because they cannot get it right and I get sick. Perhaps that whining comment was so glaringly uncalled for that its hard to see past that. As usual forums have a few superstars that can be as passively aggressive obnoxious as they want to be. Im done here. Peace out.
  2. So the docs are saying once you complete the course of chemo you will no longer have celiac disease? You are cured and can eat gluten again?
  3. I know it wasnt you, but accusing someone of whining is very rude and totally lacking in compassion and empathy. I was always taught that if you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all. I dont presume im suffering more than others, but fail to see how someone can be so unkind if they have personal experience of the disease. What it boils down to is privilege. Looking down on folks who arent as stoic as you, or who perhaps cant afford to eat gluten free as comfortably as you, or afford conprehensive medical care, or who arent surrounded by a load of well educated and i
  4. Hi Ennis, I was glad to read your flour mixes were uncontaminated. I gave up coffee as it got me too, I cannot give up tea. The stash ones are certified, ive never seen republic of tea for sale. Funny breakfasts are normality now. Season brand gluten-free canned sardines, a banana, baked sweet potato. I miss oatmeal. I do great on eggs, steamed veg, chia seeds, a little fresh ginger. No onions, garlic or spices apart from black pepper and salt. As much fruit as I can afford. I dont seem to tolerate gluten-free soy sauce. I never enjoy food now. I hate meat, and I c
  5. I made a big pot of gluten-free vegetarian chilli. All gluten-free ingredients, not too hot and my tummy just couldn't handle it. Im going to force myself to go on the fasano diet. Tea and chocolate (the endangered species bars and stash tea), as my only cheats. Go low iodine. I have to fix this! It upsets my family to see me go without nice food, but ikd rather live on steamd veg and eggs than feel this bad.
  6. Docgirl, im not sure ive understood correctly. You were diagnosed with celiac disease and dh. You are on an immunosuppressive drug which has helped the symptoms, because you immune system is repressed by the drug, and you now eat gluten? Are The doctors claiming you will be cured by the drug, be able to stop taking it, and be able to eat gluten? ...edit...I just checked out the drug. Its chemotherapy, with all the accompanying side effects. No way on earth would I go for this. However im so glad you are on the mend and feeling better.
  7. Oh my gosh guys! I was feeling so disheartened and defeated by the whole thing. Like im punished and ridiculed for something I cant help. Thanks to you all ive found a bit of fight. Ive only burners and a microwave,so I cant bake, and cant afford expensive ingredients, so things are going to get boring food wise, but im going to try harder to go grain free. The symptoms are ruining my life. Im so anemic and tired and itchy. My stomach hurts. I only ate steamed veg and egg yesterday. I dont seem worse at least.
  8. Thanks, Ennis. Im going to try the keto paleo diet, I really cant feel this unwell. Ild like a star trek gluten free food replicator. Or a time machine to when I wasnt sick. Ild settle for not being made to feel guilty for having to be so careful with gluten. Those people who glutened you for a so called joke should be charged with assault.
  9. Im a super sensitive celiac. No I cannot use gluten filled creams, hair products, beauty products. The layer of gluten left by them gets on hands and in my mouth. Its enough to cause me symptoms. Great if other celiac people can use them without problems. I know gluten cant penetrate skin. I cannot. I react to anything over 5ppm. 20ppm is LOW gluten, not free of it, and it hurts me. I reserve the right to whine and complain and cry when my diet is restricted and I still get sick. My symptoms are pretty awful. Foaming liquid diarrhea, sometime bloody, agonising cramps,
  10. Whining! Are you kidding me! I guess you dont react to under 20ppm, not really gluten free food, are not stuck in a bathroom in agony with diarrea and vomiting after eating allegedly gluten free food, or because your non gluten free little kid kissed you! I guess you arent crying because despite being ever so careful your dh flared up again and you cant take dapsone. Take your whining accusations somewhere else. I cant even eat rice, no processed foods that is really low not no gluten, and I wouldn't dare eat at any restaurant whatever their claims When people are suffering so
  11. I are rice, golden star Jasmine, after going totally grain free for a week, and feeling much better...and im sick again. Just d, no new dh lesions. I'll try lundburg once my stomach is feeling better. The cannot eat quinoa, now rice. Please God, leave me corn and soy!
  12. Im so glad you are on the mend, and happy with your diet as you can be! Celiac is such a bind. I eat clean certified foods and still get hit by Cross contamination and low level build up. My only sugar is the occasional Square of chocolate, and lara bars a few times a week. Im currently living on veg soup, that I batch make, canned sardines, and avocados. Im miserable and tough to be around.
  13. You are not being overdramatic. They are either being willfully ignorant, or totally uncaring. But you simply can't make yourself ill by indulging them.
  14. Im the same way. Which is why low gluten foods, under 20ppm, should be labelled low gluten. Free of gluten means nothing, nada, no gluten. My rash comes up within 20 mins or so, definately within 24 hours. I have a few new patches, despite being very careful. I suspect I'll get worse unless my kids and husband stop eating gluten, and spraying the house with cookie crumbs. Im allergic to sulpha drugs, so no dapsone for me.
  15. I've got dh, and cannot tolerate wheat on my skin. Shampoo residue stays on hair, hands go on hair, then to mouth. Same with skin cream. If I have to touch a gluteney thing I wash my hands. Cross contamination is a real thing. The Aveeno rep sounds infuriating. Nowadays I presume even gluten-free labelled products are not gluten-free until ive checked. Ive been glutened too many times. Its marketing blurb, they dont care about our health. The 20ppm thing is a joke too. I cant be the only one to react to that level. Anyway, eat enough 20ppm products it all.adds up. Companies ge
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