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  1. I have made sure he has his own storage containers for left overs and what not. Along with his own condiment bottles. I did happen to buy a four-door cabinet like thing to where the top two door shelves are all for gluten free. I mean I am obviously concerned for his health and safety. But our thing...
  2. OMG I want to thank u all so so much for all helpful tips, tricks, ideas, and advice!!
  3. Ennis_TX thank u for advice. I do know what he can and can't eat. We have been doing very well on that part and what to look for in ingredients he can and cant have. Its just all of a sudden on the cooking utensils, pots/pans, microwave, ect..we r told to buy all new. And I know he should have a...
  4. We found out that my husband's son has celiac about three to four months ago. Before he's had no problem with any of the changes he's made but now we are told that we have to go buy all new things. And it's not that I'm not concerned about his house because I am. My question is is there some things...