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  1. Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my story of having celiac disease issues. I did a DNA test and my genetic make up is prone to celiac disease. In one point of my life I started to have anal leakage and did not know how to get rid of it. Well the way I got rid of it was by avoiding large amounts of bread that I love. I also cut down on my portions of food in half because I did not want to increase the irritation. I believe this to be a culprit since having large stools will cause issues. But the most important thing that I believe helped me was applying baby oil on my anus in order to decrease friction. I use dry toilet paper and this is an issue in being sensitive in that area. Having a dry anus caused irritation every time I went to the restroom. Thus, every time I went to the restroom I applied baby oil before and after. So, either use wet wipes or applying any type of oil or lotion that might help decrease friction (it also got rid of the itching and burning). In addition, first applying baby oil to an irritated anus can cause slight burning sensation so it might be a little unpleasant at first. However, it smells great and it does decrease prevent future irritation. After doing these things my anal leakage decreased and in 2-3 months it was almost completely gone. In addition, I also avoided milk products since I have an intolerance and I also increased my water intake since I am prone to constipation. Furthermore, I cut down on red meat which I love to eat. I started to eat more fish and chicken as a substitute. The target is to decrease the irritation as much as possible. I also started eating chia seeds (I blend my seeds before applying them to my drinks) and used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. I also found flaxseed to be bad for me. A problem that occurred was having a hard stool. I solved this by eating one to two corn tortillas with each meal but I am sure there are other ways to do it. It is rare that I get anal leakage and I continue to control my diet intake and apply oil. I hope this information helps. More information: I am in my early thirties so this was a surprise to me. I suffered from anal leakage for more than a year and I was desperately trying everything to stop this. I had embarrassing moments when i would have leakage at work or when I was out. I first started to apply lotion to mask the smell but it was not enough. I continue to seek the best diet and applications for my health.