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    Honeymoon Suggestions?

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I'm also getting married next September and my hubby to be is a very sensitive coeliac, so I appreciate the advice above! We frequently holiday in Italy and it's honestly the easiest place we've ever travelled to - awareness is so high and there is so much gluten free food in supermarkets if you get somewhere with a kitchenette. Even if you don't, restaurants are so aware of it, it was like a 'normal' holiday - such little planning required and we could eat out every night if we wanted to and he's never been gluten there. If you are considering Venice, there's a dedicated gluten free shop (with a super helpful lady who will tell you all the best restaurants to go to) and even a gelato chain called GROM that is 100% gluten free - my fiancé felt like a kid again being able to eat an ice cream cone! Every place we've been to in Italy was so easy, probably easier than in London (where we live). For our honeymoon we're considering Costa Rica as there's also a hotel there that is 100% gluten free: https://www.arenasdelmar.com/celiac-weeks/ which comes with great reviews. But still open to ideas so other thoughts would be greatly appreciated