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  1. P.S. Brown rice and carrots are medium/high in oxalates. I do not eat either anymore. I am also gluten free. My daughter has celiac disease, but my results have always come back negative, as well as almost every other test the doctors have run. Long, long story. I could go on for hours!
  2. Hello! Have you ever heard of oxalates? Many of your symptoms sound exactly like what I was suffering from. Most people, including health care providers, do not know anything about oxalates and their affect on all body systems. Hyperoxaluria is mostly researched in the renal system for kidney stones, but it can have many more debilitating effects. I went through a LOT of testing, including rheumatologists, neurologists, etc. They wanted to just pass it off as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I knew better, as I am a nurse. There is a Yahoo group that I joined to learn so much more. It is terribly confusing, but it is an amazing transformation once you get everything under control.