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  1. Hi Fedora, Ursa, Nora and Aiki, Thank you all for responding! You know what I am not even sure I have ever had Barley or Rye. I guess I will go buy some rye bread and check it out. As far as the Barley, I know that I hate beer but its been many many years since I have had some so I am sure if it bothers me or not. But I do remember in the past it totally me my stomach bloat. Very interesting! No, actually I had the test done in the mist of a major flare up. I was sick a year before I went to see the Holistic dr. but it pasted after several months only to come back worse so I went to see this dr and as soon as he saw me and listened to my symptoms he told me it was something I was eating every day that I was allergic too. I thought he was crazy, I didnt eat the same things everyday, but never thought about bread..Duh! I do not plan to eat wheat ever again, but when I do accidentally injest some I was just wondering if all of my symptoms were because of the wheat, because they sure are intense (feel like I have the flu for about a month). It seems like after my stomach finally starts to feel better, the brain fog and extremely sore tongue last for about 2 more weeks. It just seems like an extremely long time for such symptoms from wheat. What do you think? Thanks again all! Joyce
  2. HI everyone, I am hoping someone here can help me, I am so confused. I had some blood test done through Immuno Lab through a Holistic dr for Delayed Food Allergies and it came back with me allergic to Wheat, yeast and eggs however not Barley or Rye. Then on the Gluten Antibody Assay my IgA was 21 units (20 -30 units being weak positive). So the dr. told me that I am allergic to wheat but I do not have celiac disease. My IgG was negative and so was my tTG. I have been staying away from gluten for about a year or so now and sometimes I screw up and accidentally eat something containing wheat and then I suffer for about a month. I guess it doesnt really matter to me if I am celiac I just dont understand my symptoms. Here they are: When injesting wheat, the next day or before I get extreme Gas trapped in my entire left side and I get totally stopped up. I have to push on my intestines to get any gas to come out but it never feels better, and I am also very nauseated during this time so I do not or cant eat anything it seems like it just sits on top of the bad wheat that is in there and makes me worse. Then after the gas has finally let up, I am still constipated (pretty all of the time in my life I am constipated) but if I eat anything during this time, alittle bit will escape but it will not be digested at all. After the week of the extreme gas trapping, I get a Huge crack on both sides my lips, sorta like a cold sore but it is just cracked and hurts. Then I get an extremely sore tongue, my taste buds are all raised and sore, and I get blister like things on my gums and also nothing taste right and this last for about 2 more weeks. So it seems like when I have eaten anything with wheat in it I get sick for about a month. Does this sound familiar to anyone. I am just worried that it is something else and I am wasting my time with thinking its a wheat allergy. About 2 weeks ago I ate some McDonald french fries thinking they were wheat free until I started to feel the gas coming later the next day so I went to their website and found out that they werent wheat free and I am getting the sore tongue and bad taste. It all seems like it adds up to the wheat but I just dont understand how I could be allergic (or intolerant) to wheat and not Barley or Rye. What are your opinions and what would you do? I am miserable at the moment, and really need your help. Thank you all so very much for listening and thanks for any feed back you can offer or suggestions. Joyce
  3. Hi, First of all let me thank you for responding! By Featherlight do you mean the mixture you wrote? So if I mix these together then these I can substitute for any recipe that calls for flour and then add the xanthan gum as you said? Thank you so much! Joyce
  4. Thank you all so much for the wonderful ideas. I am going to give them a try. Thanks again! Joyce
  5. Hi everyone, Just alittle input would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to bake two different things the last two days using Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour. A loaf of bread and some brownies and they both tasted horrible. I also allergic to eggs so I used applesauce in place of the egg. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to find good recipes? It seems like I cant eat anything tasty anymore. Thanks for listening! Joyce
  6. Hi all, I had blood work (Immuno labs) done back in 06 for food allergies and I was told that I was allergic to wheat, eggs, bakers yeast and brewers yeast with wheat being the least allergic. I had terrible trapped gas, foul smelling stool, constipation, foggy headed and felt like I always had the flu. I am doing my best not to eat these things at all but I still feel feverish with a sore throat most days and foggy headed all day. So now I am questioning the results. My question is this: On this blood work it indicates that I am allergic to eggs the most, then yeast and wheat being the least, a +1 on a scale of 1 to 4. But when I eat bread, pizza and such is when I feel the worst. But if I eat eggs it doesnt seem to bother me and I am more allergic to eggs than wheat. I also had the IgG Elisa Test done and it was 15 (negative) and the IgA Elisa and it was 21 ( weak positive). Doesnt this mean I do not have celiac disease? Also on this bloodwork they did a tTG tet which is also negative. I am not sure what this is for. Also, I have a dog that was paralyzed from the waist down and has to be given enemas weekly, he also doesnt have alot of control with his bowels and has accidents, every time he does have an accident I can feel my head and ears feeling up with mucus immediately and feel flu ish. I looked at the ingredients of his dog food and it has wheat gluten in it, could this possibily be connected? I am just so sick of feeling like do do everyday and I can not seem to pin point exactly what is causing it. Thanks for listening! Joyce
  7. Hi everyone, In response to my last post regarding what is the difference between wheat allergy and gluten intolerance. I think I have multiple food intolerances not an actual allergy. On my test results it says I have a total of 9 IgG sensitivity reactions. So I guess that means it is an intolerance rather than an allergy. I guess that makes sense. Thanks for your help everyone and for helping me to understand it better! Joyce
  8. Hi Andrea & Shai thanks for responding~ I will talk to my dr. the next time I see him so I understand this all better. My symptoms are mostly gastrointestinal symptoms, however my eyes are always blood shot badly and my right is full of fluid 24/7 for the past 6 years. But I also am allergic to almost everything under the sun, penicillin, cat saliva, mold, dust, dander, cigerattes (in which i smoke--dumb I know)... Thanks again! Joyce
  9. Thanks everyone for responding so quickly! I guess the reason I am asking is because I am so confused. I meant to say "Is a wheat allergy the same as a Gluten allergy". I dont think I have Celiac disease but could eating wheat cause Celiac disease?". I was told by my Holistic dr that I am allergic to these foods but I guess he could me intolerant since I do not have any of the histamine reactions just the intestinal and mental reactions. I am currently seeing a Holistic doctor for exteme fatigue, racing heart, severe mental fogginess, low thyroid, constipation, fibromyalgia and intestinal pain. Two years ago I had such severe intestinal pain and constipation and went to my regular GP and she sent me for an ultrasound which did not show anything wrong so she sent me on my way. Somehow without doing anything different the pain and constipation went away for 2 years, but this past Jan it came back double, I suffered for a few months, scared of what it could be (my mom was just dx'd with stage 4 ovarian cancer and she had alot of intestinal symptoms). Finally I went to this Holistic dr that I had gone to a few years back for the fibromyalgia (I didnt have the intestinal pain then). I had to quit seeing him because I could no longer afford him. Well, I decided that for 25+ years and probally 100's of doctors later that this Hoslitic dr was helping and understanding me more than all of the drs put together, so I went back to him this past Feb. He is treating me for low thyroid, low B12, low testosterone, low progesterone and low DHEA. Then in March my intestines started acting up again but this time worse than 2 years ago, this time I have severe nausea, hot & cold, feverish and extreme gas and constipation in which the more I ate it felt like the food was just sitting on top of the other food and never coming out. I just felt plain sick. One night after work, it was so bad that my dh wanted to take me to the ER, but I refused. I immediately called my Holistic dr and told him what was happening and he told me it sounded like food allergies. Well, at first I did not believe him until I got on the internet and food this site. And low and behold alot of people on here sounded just like me. So the next day I went into his office and he drew blood for the food allergies and it came back that I have increasing levels of antibodies to all of the foods I mentioned in my previous post (I forgot to mention milk and eggs as well). He also tested for Celiac disease but he says that I do not have Celiac Disease. The place where the testing was done is Immuno Lab. (Has anyone heard of that?) The test he also ran were: IgG ELISA: results were 15 units (Negative <20) IgA ELISA: results were 21 units (Weak Positive 20-30) Tissue Transglutaminase Assay: results were 4 units (Negative <20) Are these the correct tests for Celiac, other than the Biopsy? So far he is telling me that I have an allergy to these certain foods and not to eat them. So far I am doing alot better but sometimes I will get the extreme gas and C but I can not figure out what caused it. Usually it happens right before my monthly period is about to begin. I am so afraid that after all of the dr searching and testing that maybe this is not my problem. Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to let you all know how I came about looking at an allergy as my problem. Any more input would be more than greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Joyce
  10. Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows if a wheat allergy is the same as being gluten intolerant? I have blood test done and I am not allergic to rye or barley just wheat, eggs, green bean, yeast, cranberries. My Iga ELISA test was a weak positive. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Joyce
  11. Hello, Well, I received my results from Immuno Lab and was wondering if someone can tell me what they think. I am allergic to Green Beans, Cows milk, eggs, wheat, bakers and brewers yeast. My IgG Elisa test: 15 units, negative IgA Elisa test: 21 units, positive Tissue Transglutaminase Assay: 4 units, negative I have not eaten any of the above foods in 2 months and I am feeling much better but I am wondering since only one of my Gluten test was positive does that mean that I do not have celiacs disease? Thats what my dr said but I wanted to know what you all thought. Thanks for any feedback! Joyce
  12. Thanks for replying so fast. I have the bag in front of me and I was so afraid to eat them. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows if the new Hershey Kissable chocolate candies are Gluten free? I want some so bad but I cant figure out if they are gluten free or not. I went to Hersheys website and I cant find anything that says. Thanks for the help! Joyce
  14. CarrieBoo, thanks for responding~ That makes perfect sense. I needed it broken down for me! Good luck in your diagnose and I wish you the best! Thanks again, Joyce
  15. Hello, Just wondering if someone out there has ever had these symptoms? 1). Blood shot eyes 2). Trapped gas in hips & buttocks 3). hands falling asleep in the middle of the night 4). leg and ankle completely numb and tingly all the time Also, can anyone tell me if Celiac disease is also a rheumatic disease? I had a brown spot with pea sized lumps in it on my ankle some years ago, I went to a foot specialist and he did a biopsy and told me that I had some kind of rhuematic disease. I have since been dx'd w/fibromyaglia and I just thought fibro was the rheumatic disease he was talking about but now I am not so sure. Thanks for any input you can give. Thanks, Joyce
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