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  1. I've been mostly reading along on gmail but I missed Jewelz'z birfday :angry: :angry:

    HAPPY BIRFDAY JEWELZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another year older and more beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Bevel :wub:

    Bev said bundt cakes :lol::lol:

    Curly leesa- I get teary every time I hear "I Hope You Dance"- they played it at my niece's recital last year and I was (the only one :huh:) bawling in the audience. The thought of Brian and your daughter dancing to that with all that has happened- if I were there I'd make a blooming fool out of meselph bawling on the floor! :wub: :wub: :wub:

    I so agree, it's such a wonderful song. Lisa that is going to be an emotional and amazing moment :wub:

    Patti, forgot to mention I love your new avatar. You look so loverly and your hair is beyootiful :D

    Sour Cream and Onion Stax?? OMG, that sounds like fried potato slices of heaven :lol:

    (eat one for me :D )

    Suze, all those channels you are not going to know what to do with yerself :lol: bummer about the remote, I hope they get that straightened out for you asap.

    GAWD, whatever did we do in the days we didn't have remotes?? :blink:

    (we will have chocolate cake with our tea also when you come over :D )

  2. Hellllllllllllloooooooooooo Sillies!!!

    UM, TODAY IS JOOLIE'S BIRTHDAY PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Our Joolz! :wub:

    Deserves a FANTABULOUS birphday indeed!!!! ♥ ♥

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dearrrrrr Jewelly,


    be glad you couldn't ackshully hear me sing it

    Thank you Suze, Nik, and Rachel :wub:

    I have to tell you guys about the most fabulous iced tea I have been making the last few summers, you brew lemon zinger and red zinger tea bags and then add apple juice, I got the recipe from The Barefoot Contessa (Suze check out food Network, food porn ) Tis very refreshing, I had several glasses yesterday :D:D

    Wish I could have you all over on the patio for a chat and a glass of iced tea :D

  3. *Big wave* to me Sills

    I went back a few pages and saw a poop in from Tom!!!! Tom, so sorry you haven't been doing well, this new appt you have set up sounds promising, I hope you can find some answers, thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed.

    And Bunnie, bless your heart. Hope you feel better soon.

    Jess, how is the kitchen? How is yer back?

    Janet, how is JoDog?

    Em, how is your dad doing?

    Rachel is scaring herself :lol:

    I missed saying good bye to Suze, hope she has a good time

    Brian went to the prosthetist today. He made some adjustments and VOILA!......he can now walk without a cane! He also said that if Brian were to wear long pants, people wouldn't be able to tell he had a prosthetic. Fitting for the permanent leg is in 4 weeks :D .....He's hoping to go back to work even sooner. :rolleyes:

    This is fantastic news Lisa :D

    Been reading along peeps, but there's a heatwave going on - and I must catch me rays :lol:






    That's a emoti-totem of protective eye wear LOL

    Slap on yer shades and the sunscreen and enjoy Nik Nik!!

    The puppers got his teeth cleaned today, he came home a little groggy and stumbling around from the anesthesia, I tried not to laugh but it was a little funny to watch. He pawed at the wall instead of the door ...but he has reall purty clean teeth -------> :D and he's resting comfortably now :)

  4. :lol: Yup....a relaxed, Southern-type yawny laugh-out-loud.

    I am dying to know what Sooooozle meant by this emoticode..... . .. .a dog's tongue is said to be lolling when it is hanging out of its mouth while it pants.

    Could this be it? Used to signify a moment when one's tongue is hanging out? When one is panting? Laaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwllllllllll. . . . .....

    :lol: could be Em

    Whilst we wait for Suze to fill us in on the meaning of :lawl: I had another thought...

    perhaps it means laughing within the confines of the law?? Or legal laughing if you will


  5. Speaking of hair............I have an appointment on Mon. to get me hair done.......curlyfries once more!!!! Then on Tues I get me teeth cleaned......original app't was canceled when we were in Houston. So I'll have purty hair (I hope) and purty teef! :D Then in two weeks I have my annual Gyno app't. Next will be new glasses. By the time I'm done, I'll have a total overhaul!!! :lol:

    Hi Lisa, long time no talk :wub:

    Sounds like a makeover with the works, you will be beautified :lol:

    Hey all--I've returned from the forumless powerless abyss of yesterdays storm. A big whopper blew through here yesterday afternoon and poured down 4-5 inches of rain in twenty minutes with 70 mile an hour winds that destroyed trees and property all over the place and flooded the roads. Gads, what a mess!!! I lost all of my food--my whole freezer full of gluten-free stuff for my daughter:( Scott was up all night bailing out the sump pump, and it was hot and humid and miserable. Power came back on this early evening, so I headed out to forage for food but it never occurred to me the grocery store lost all of their food too :blink:

    Hi Rachel, that is scary stuff. Sorry about the mess and damage and food loss, but so glad you are all ok :)

    Morning Psillies . . . scary happenings in the wee hours of the morning. JoDog was walking into stuff, out-of-control, drooling, dazed, confused . . I decided she had a seizure. Took her into the vet this morning and that's what they think, too. She's fine and dandy this morning . . . maybe a little tired. I know I am because I only slept maybe another 45 minutes before I finally got up for good. I shall have to take a nap later.

    Poor JoDog, I hope she is ok.

    Sillies--they broke ground on our new house!!! Mark and took a ride over there last night :D

    I saw this on da book Patti, so very exciting!!! :D

    Did you hold a ground breaking ceremony? Perhaps a ribbon cutting or smashing a bottle of champagne against summat??

    It calls for a celebration of some sort....poppers? party hats? at least gluten-free brownies or spice cake :lol::lol:

    If you're not picky . . . we've still got extra dog drool here!!


    But of course! We refer to them as the "Psillie Wing" :lol:


    Auditioning for Fiddler on the roof in a bit. Gotta youtube my song so I know how it goes. At the moment I'm planing 'put on a happy face', but in a very sarcastic way. Not sure if I can pull off the sarcasm :rolleyes: but I'll try.

    Good luck Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy Fri Sills :D

    So very.....strange :huh:....that MJ died yesterday too. 2 major icons in one day

    I am back from Plum Island- should have stayed another week. Even in the rain it twas beautiful!

    Think of you all often......am keeping up via gmail but in the words of David Lee Roth " I ain't got nobody no psilly". Too much going on but the general gist is nerve pain in the legs, medication changes up the wazoo.

    Good and bad news- I don't have Addison's! :D But I have to have a TVU (no- not Tuvan throat singing lessons- a va-jay-jay ultrasound). Will wear sparkles and perhaps jewels!

    Welcome back Bev, I think of you often too. So glad the Addison's results came back negative!!!

    Definitely go in style to your TVU.....get out the Bedazzler and jewel-ify yer va-jay-jay!!!

    OMG.. . . . . .. :lol::lol: Perfect timing....a phonecall to bring me outta this sad time.

    My mom is currently sitting with my dad in the ICU, and just rushed to the phone to call me after the first exchanges with him.

    About an hour ago, he seemed to awaken briefly. His eyes fluttered open, and he looked briefly at my mom. He mumbled something, and then said, more clearly, "you're beautiful". Mom's heart swelled, and she apparently took his hand.

    Nothing for an hour or so, and then his eyes suddenly fluttered again. Once more his eyes found Mom's face, and he whispered, "you are nice".

    Mom's brow furrowed and, half smiling, she asked, "Hey..... . . . .what happened to beautiful?"

    Silence. Then Dad quietly replied, "the anaesthetic is wearing off".



    Em, this is wonderful to hear that your dad has his humoUr back!!

    Hope he has a speedy recovery :wub:

    OMG SILLS I started posting about........two hours ago? then got distracted

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuze, so wackl :lol::lol:

    Alsey back from Paris last night - he had a FANTABULOUS time!!!...they saw all the sights AND squeezed in a trip to Euro Disney!! :D

    Alsy is back from Par-is....oui OUI!!! (and Nik Nik is knee deep in laundry)

    So happy to hear he had such a fab time ...AND Euro Disney, lucky him :D

    Yea its the weekend! I am def getting home to see the family tomorrow. Nice weather, swimming weather! Plus my mom is watching the grandbabies so I get to see the new baby and Silvia. I cannot wait!

    Hi Amanda! Have a good weekend and visit with your family :D

    We hit 104 yesterday--an all time record fer the area. I stayed inside wif the air conditioner all day..... ;)

    Phriday already...this week went by phast :o

    This week sure did go by fast...

    Yikes Patti, that is HOT :sweatymeltyface:

    Our weather sure has been strange, lots of afternoon storms, tornadoes, rain, hail. ..and now the heat has arrived.


    Morning to you too Judy Jude, how are you lady?

    Hi Bunnie!

    Janet, how is Smackl's new hair do???????

    Pondering possible meaning of :lawl: ........

    Laughing out loud with a southern drawl?

  7. Skeeter doesn't eat the Glutino Pizza's (spinach??? wot??) but we buy the blank crusts and that's her favoUrite brand.

    Hi JewelLy - good to see ya.

    Hi Janet, good to see you too!

    I got the Duo Cheese Glutino, it just had a little bit of marinara, and apparently a blend of 2 cheeses. I put some pepperoni slices on top.

    I baked it on a cookie sheet and it wasnt as crisp as I would like, but I think you are just supposed to throw it in straight on the rack.

  8. Em, wow, very alarming to hear your friends still got viruses even with their software up to date :huh:

    I don't like hearing about this virus/FB stuff :angry: .....I don't even know how to send those things :lol: I should do what Julie did.......soon as I figure out how :unsure:

    Patti, anything that you accepted that asked you to add the application in order for you to send it back has access to your stuff I guess, thats where I heard the viruses are coming from is the apps.

    It's been a couple months since I deleted them, but I think I just pulled up each one in the search box at the top and went to the home page of the app. It has the option of removing this app. i.e. type in LivingSocial in the search box, go to Living Social page, scroll all the way to the very bottom and click on "LivingSocial" (next to "built by") that pulls up Living Social wall, scroll down and on the left you will see Remove this application option.

    OK, as I type this I just got an email from another one of my firends saying they got the FB virus :blink:

    Jess, I tried the Glutino Pizza and it was pretty good. Small individual size like Rachel said but the crust had a decent taste texture to it.

  9. Hulllloo Sillies

    (best said in an Eeyore voice)

    I'm just pooping in, hope all is well with everyone.

    Just a heads up on FB, I removed all of the applications (except for Flair) so if you send me something and I dont accept its not because I dont love you :lol: it's just that I dont have them on my page anymore......but I definitely still do Flair, which I get the biggest kick out of those little buttons :D:D

    Three of my friends in the past month have gotten viruses through FB so make sure your computers are protected!

    Now for a gluten free foods related question, my mom picked up a Glutino Pizza for me, has anyone tried one of these? I have only had the Amy's with the rice/sunflower seed crust before so I have no idea what the Glutino one is going to be like.

    Miss you guys :wub::wub:

  10. Hi Sillies, just popping in to say hi

    I have been thinking a lot about Janet :wub:

    Emily, my goodness you get all the good celebs in your dreams. Willie Nelson?!?! Fantastic :lol:

    Suze, I also remember that cabbage story :lol:

    Rachel, so sorry for the loss of your pet Mousy :(

    Did I miss Richard? I only went bac a page but I saw him mentioned. Did he post or was he just signed in.

    Hi Richard!! You have been missed in Sillyville.

    Love to you all :wub:

  11. Ooh Emily, a White Trash Party. These seem to be all the rage. Several friends of mine have thrown one over the last year.

    Think teased hair, fake fingernails, maybe Peggy Bundy from Married With Children, OR wear a muu muu (sp?) and house slippers with curlers in your hair. The guys all got mullet wigs and put on fake tattoos (i.e. MOM)

    Jess, thumbs up on the mint chocloate chip ice cream! That's one of me favorite flavors :D

    Bunnie, good luck with the coffee.

    Suze, ouch on the thorn. It had been in there this whole time? Kind of like the princess and the pea. It was uncomfortable and not quite right, you knew something might be there, but yet it was so small. Suze and the thorn.


    Nik, I join you with the boredom. At least you are svenning.

    Hmmm, big decisions. I say go with the vegetable soup. Go crazy. Live a little!! and nothing says live a little like vegatable soup :lol::lol:

  12. Happy Friday Sills!

    I must say I think Olympia Dukakis has become the new Chuck Norris. She's all over the place, hears all sees all knows all does all.


    Patti, I am so sorry to hear about Allo. I feel like your loss is our loss, with all the stories you have shared over the last few years and the avatar pictures he was very much a part of our Silly family.

    I know you will miss him so much and cherish all the wonderful memories you have of him :wub:

    What did you think of the Lost final? And I also saw that new show from the Lost crators being promoted, looks really good!

    Sarah :wub: So good to see a poop in from you!! I think of you often and hope you and the boys are well :)

    Jess (((((HUGS)))))

    Sorry about all the stress at work. The quote Patti shared is one of my favorites also, about the door closing and a window opening.

    I hope you can get it all sorted out and find yourself in a better happier place, you so deserve it!!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!

  13. But THIS IS HILARIOUS and ASTONISHING. .. . .......

    I ALSO had a dream about Olympia Dukakis, two night ago. . . ... . .

    Honest to gawd. . . . ... :unsure: . . . . ......she was in the hospital with my dad, in his room chatting with him about the television and movie industry. .. . .....not certain if she was a patient, or nurse, or had been cast in a hospital drama and was playing her role . . . .....

    I thought briefly about it yesterday morning, then forgot about it until I read yer post. . . ....


    Em!!!!!! This is quite the development.......

    She shows up in your dream two nights ago and in mine last night.

    What is Ms. Dukakis trying to tell us?

    And more importantly, who's dreams will she show up in tonight?


  14. Hi Sills!

    Just wanted to pop in and say HELLO

    A little birdie told me we have a new Queen...actually the Queen herself told me.

    Yep, I have connections :lol::lol:

    Congrats to Queen Rachel!!!

    ANd do I see Tom??? Tom I just now noticed your poke on FB, can't seem for the life of me to be able to navigate the new format over there, things are not where they once were and I don't like it :lol:

    Well I poked you back, still not sure what the poking is all about but poke poke poke!!!

    Hope you are well :)

    Love you all :wub:

  15. Good Saturday Sillies :wub:

    going to sand and paint the front porch rail today

    give a prayer up i can do this with out the help of a cig.

    havent' given in yet but pray today isn't the day i can't stay strong.


    Hi Judy, thinking of you dear.

    Stay strong, I know you can do it!

    ....abandoned all indoor chores today as it's been a glorious day :D - just love to absorb those rays!...chasing away the Seasonal Affectiveness :lol:


    Enjoy your nice day outside Niks

    We are having a spring blizzard, surrounded by snow, snow, and more snow.

    SO very ready for spring. I guess looking on the brightside when everything melts it should be nice and green and signs off spring everywhere from all the extra moisture we are getting.

    Janet, how is Jo Dog?

    Em, that's exciting about Jack starting up with baseball!

    I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday :)