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  1. N=2, and if you count the ones I haven't lived with there's much, much more experience. I'm stuck in uber yuppieville and everyone thinks veggie is "trendy" here.
  2. They usually bathe, drive SUVs while using cell phone and drinking their organic latte, think I'm inferior for eating meat and non-organic produce (I promise, every vegetarian roommate I have had has shown signs of mental illness), ONLY shop at the health food store, but when asked don't know the...
  3. Are you seriously that sensitive? You didn't hurt my feelings, takes much more than that. Sorry to disappoint you.
  4. Ah, the royal "we" If you think that I need to start sugar coating and p%$#@# footing then say so. I have a low BS and "filler" tolerance. I've heard lots of it in my life from all directions (patients, doctors, supplement companies, "advocacy" sites, you name it) especially since I now...
  5. You need to start thinking about relative risk . I'm more likely to get killed on my bicycle than by big boobs. Heck, the bacteria on unwashed organic veggies can be pretty dangerous (yes, this has been confirmed by a microbiologist/immunologist, it's a classic intro micro lab). Once I get...
  6. Mastectomy patients are COMPLETELY different than normal patients. If you've ever talked with a cancer surgeon (I have) you'll know that using their complication rates is complete BS scare tactics for the rest of the population. Cancer patients are exceptionally difficult to operate on. The...
  7. Ursula, you do realize that silicone implants are not available in the US, don't you (except for reconstruction)? The current implants are a bag of saline. That's right, IV solution. THere's a new mammogram procedure being tested in Canada that doesn't use any pressure, so that won't be a concern...
  8. Make sure your surgeon has a low infection rate, and ask if you can get a small sample of the implant material. After taking a shower, tape it to your skin overnight or for a few days in a sensitive spot. If there's a reaction it will definitely be a problem, but if there's not a reaction there...
  9. I've been denied housing because of it. No joke, and this happened a few days after I was diagnosed. I was paying for a room from the 1st of May and arriving on the 12th late at night and the jerk that ran the place wanted me to spend a night in a hostel and check in the next day. I called and...