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  1. By saying unaided, do you mean unaided with normal gait?
  2. A decade? Is it a maybe or for almost sure? It's very hard to be patient given the circumstances.
  3. No. For managing cerebellar atrophy like Co enzyme Q10 or Lerace.
  4. I did read this topic before. Is it true that gluten ataxia has no treatment? Can we get better if we start a gluten free diet. Can a person get 100% fit this way?
  5. Wanted to know if tablets help in cases of gluten ataxia or is just gluten free meal enough? It would be very helpful if someone recovered from it replies.... Thanks...
  6. thank you both. I have had Brain MRI which clearly diagnosed cerebellar atrophy.
  7. Hi, can anyone tell me is cerebellar atrophy common due to gluten sensitivity?
  8. My doctor says that there is a strong chance that I may have celiac. If more test are required, the doctor will guide me soon because we have an appointment in 3 - 4 days.
  9. Hi, I'm 23 years old. I'm a patient of cerebellar atrophy and my gluten sensitivity tests have also come positive. My symptoms are really strong and I just want to ask if gluten free diets help and how much. When can I expect some improvement in my walking, vision, movements of hands and feet...