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  1. It is a really good thing gluten free products have a BAD reputation right now. Every one thinks they taste terrible and the price is so much higher.
  2. Perhaps you might want to look into Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Those food globs that are from previous meals might have been stuck in your esophagus. Trying to lie down causes painful GERD like feeling , but definately small "burp" vomitting is a symptom.
  3. I was totally bored tonight and decided to stop by. I went through my Daughter's Celiac diagnoses at 16 months old and her Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE) when she was 6 years old. She is now 15. My advice... Get to a gastro. doc. ASAP Discuss what an endoscopy will be ruling out/diagnosing...
  4. Have you seen pictures of undernourished alcoholics (beer belly), starving children, end stage chronic illness? All have large protruding bellies. The body does try and hold on to all nutrients and tries to protect vital internal organs in the trunk of the body. It is a misleading visual for starvation...
  5. You were on a gluten free diet for the blood draw - so it is useless. If you are doing a good thorough job eating gluten free it should be negative. Your positive gut damage is proof of Celiac. It has been said Celiacs need about 2 years to heal the gut. I did hear of a case of medication...
  6. Could be symptoms of gallbladder issues. What tests were done to rule out gallbladder issues? I had my gallbladder taken out a few years back and felt so much better after. I tell you don't fear having a surgery that is going to make you feel so much better. (If it is your gallbladder.)
  7. Could it be like a spouse/life partner saying, "We are pregnant."? As a concept you are a united team. Less chance of cross-contamination by meaning gluten is not allowed at this table.
  8. I'm glad you have answers for the pain and know have the information to get and stay healthy! Let's try and stay positive here. (If you knew about the current implosion of troubles that have crushed my spirit this week and left me cussing and swearing and praying you would be shocked I could...
  9. Many things could have changed in 1.5 years for the tests. I think you are on the right track going gluten free as I have found numerous reports gluten free helps for auto-immune illnesses. You have been feeling better, and a gluten challenge could make you very ill. I would what for an accidental...
  10. Go back to the doctor's, there is a chance you missed something else. Don't make any diet changes, as diet may determine other food intolerances or immune reactions. Sorry about the constipation. We have dealt with that. Or best advice~ figs. A high dose of magnesium and high fiber with...
  11. I don't put full trust in the genetic testing. There may be a language barrier to how you are explaining Celiac. It is an auto immune disease~ the body's immune system attacks and destroys normal healthy tissue of the small intestine. If I remember right the starving children of Belgium...
  12. Genetic testing is not as accurate as whatever percentage you were told. My daughter tested positive for both DQ2 and DQ8. My genetic test taken through a different doctor's office was negative. As the lab tech seemed so flustered about the blood draw and the inconvenience to day. I had contacted...
  13. You are right to be concerned with the low growth rate. There are any number of illnesses/disease that can start from these symptoms. food sensitivities, parasite infection, H. Ployri., congenital defect, hernia, Celiac, eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders, and the short list of usual suspects...
  14. We have eaten Culver's 3 times now. It has been a good experience. There is no ketchup, mustard, or mayo put on to save you from cross-contamination. You should have received single serve packets. From what I observed, the buns are placed on a warming rack. I had one bun out of 4 that...