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  1. We have so many more places catering to gluten free, I just got a pizza place grand opening flyer with gluten free pizza, chicken, and ribs. (dinner salads too)


    I tried Ethel's Killa Va NILLA cupcakes sold at Wholefoods~ They are fantastic!  The bakery location is in St. Clair Shores, MI.  I do hope they are able to expand sales to an area near you, but until then you can order on-line.  *allergy alert* The vanilla cupcake have almond flour in them.


    I have noticed the closer you are to a college town or tourist area, the higher the chances of finding gluten free places.


    With Out Wheat connected to Guido's Pizza in Okemos, MI (close to MSU) has the BEST gluten free pizza.  They even do a deep dish version.  If you have other food intolerances i.e. egg ~ just call ahead to see if they can adjust to your conditions.  Manager, Steve


    Detroit Burger- 2 locations Lake Orion, and Gingerville, MI has gluten free buns for your burger and Redbridge beer. 


    Brown Iron Brewery, Washington, MI just north of Shelby Township Has gluten free buns for your burgers and a nice selection of menu items.  They even have a gluten free desert Sweet Potato Cheesecake. (I admit I didn't think I would rant and rave about sweet potato cheesecake~ but it is really good and the main reason I want to go back there.


    Mackinac Island has many places to eat.  Fudge is mainly gluten free, but like ice cream watch out for the add-ins.  Mackinaw City and St. Ignace (your ferry routes to the island from the cities on both sides of the Mackinaw Bridge) also have a few places that are gluten free.  Seabiscuit and Twist n Sprout.  We ate ALL of our meals from there!


    Ann Arbor, MI being a college town, both U of M, and Eastern, medical center mecca has numerous places that are not franchises to eat.


    I never go to IKEA, but I do know occasionally they have some gluten free products.


    Buffalo Wild Wings, go through the allergen notebook to certain your wing sauce is gluten free.  Since this is a franchise- some locations might be better than others.


    If all else fails we just head to the grocery store, and request a microwave and fridge for our room when we travel and have to eat on the go.


    I found a great tip... Use a sliced length wise cucumber with the seeds gored out as a replacement for bread.  Add lunchmeat and smeared with a soft cheese like laughing cow for extra flavor.  YUM


    It is amazing to me how many more options there are now compared to 11 years ago.

  2. We had the same issue, but it was the same ped. gastro. doing the undiagnosing.  (spell check says that isn't even a word~ because it is beyond stupid!)  My daughter was too ill for the endo with biopsy for the Celiac diagnoses.  During the gluten challenge for the blood testing she needed to be hospitalized for dehydration for 3 days on an IV.   She had more problems about 4 years on the gluten free diet.  She was scoped and diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  She was put on an elimination diet to see if there were "food triggers" involved.  She was then scoped and back extremely healthy.  So the elimination diet worked! ~that's when the ped gastro un diagnosed her from Celiac and EE.


    If your child isn't eating gluten, the testing will be negative.  If she tries the gluten challenge, she could end up being hospitalized for dehydration.  (you did say she vomits for 3 days after an exposure)


    My advice, find a new doctor that accepts the Celiac diagnoses.  (even if the so called doctor is supposed to be the "best" in the area)  If any other problems or issues arise then she should get a endoscopy with biopsy.

  3. oops!  I forgot to mention that there can be a seasonal allergy connection.  In my daughter's case, late summer and early fall bring on more symptoms and then when a deep freeze hits she starts feeling better.  (6 year pattern)  If you can write a journal and keep track of air quality, activities and foods.


    Heavy abdominal workouts can make symptoms worse.  Are you experiencing severe GERD like symptoms. Puking a small amount suddenly? Laying down at night was especially bad, so we put a board under the mattress and wedges to lift her head for sleeping.


    Visible damage can be instantly diagnosed during an

  4. Back when my daughter was diagnosed allergy testing was suggested.  She went on an elimination diet to try and identify food "triggers".  The elimination diet was avoiding all top allergens and peas.  During that time she tried some amino acid formulas to help get extra nutrition without a reaction.  And keep in mind that once the eosinophils are activated they can continue causing damage for up to 12 days.  She had a follow up scope to see if the diet helped.  (It did she was clear of all damage.)  Then she challenged each suspect food back into her diet. 


    Take your time chewing your food.  Slurpees are somewhat considered "non-food" and can be very soothing to your throat.  Cucumbers, honey, teas, and lettuce were also soothing for her.

  5. I hope the school will adapt the class for kids with food allergies.  For instance having to budget for allergen free foods will be a lifelong necessity.  Reading food labels and the importance of having companies clearly label ingredients.


    Kids should also be taught life skills of managing bank accounts, credit cards with a high interest rate, mortgages, how to count up for correct change, and just how to mange money and budget. 

  6. If you move in and your mom is willing, I would make the kitchen gluten free.  I do understand that it is your dad's house too, but the health risk for you is too much.  Find some Udi's bread (think it is the best on the market and bought stock in it) for dad to eat- I don't think he will complain.


    Sorry, I really think it is early dementia.  My husband who was not Celiac or symptomatic told me there was no way gluten was coming into our home if it made our daughter sick.  Dad can eat gluten when he goes out.

  7. I was having a horrible breakout chin line around my mouth and eyebrows.  After going to a dermatologist and getting put on antibiotics (that were killing my stomach) I read on-line "this breakout can indicate a ZINC defiency .  I started taking a multi-vitamin and drinking more water (stopped the antibiotic) ~ voila the breakout stopped.


    I do struggle with this breakout during winter more than warm weather months so there could also be a vitamin D issue too.  I haven't found any literature directly relating vitamin D to the breakout.  Do try and include "healthy fats" like those in avocado to your diet to help your skin too.


    Also take time to disinfect your phone.

  8. We just got to go to a new restaurant that had a gluten free bun and safe French fries to eat.  WOW  Talk about feeling like a normal person!  The worst part about it, was I forgot how to eat a big burger with a bun.  It felt so weird. :ph34r:


    Brown Iron Brew House in Washington, MI  ( just north of 25 mile Rd. on Van Dyke)  It just opened and has some mixed reviews, but for gluten free dinning it is fantastic!  Some of the critics didn't like the interior design.  From talking with the waitress, the current table settings are going to be put to the outdoor dining area when that part opens. Even a gluten free desert!

  9. Just a theory after vet workshop...


    For some reason the food is just sitting in your gut and fermenting - therefore causing an alcohol poisoning situation.  If the food is harder to digest, it sits in the gut longer.  If the food is high in carbs and simple sugar, it ferments quicker while in the gut.  So yes it is a condition of the wrong type of microbes/ bacteria in the gut.


    The vet case presentation was from cow fatality after being put on cut corn pasture.  It was too much corn too quickly for the digestion microbes to adjust to the amount of carbs from the corn introduced into the system.  The corn was not being digested quickly enough and fermented in the gut.  (yes a cow has 4 stomach chambers - very specialized for digestion purposes- but cows are mammals too, but human guts are not so highly complex of design.  It is no wonder why we have issues digesting all the food types we eat.

  10. Traveling is so much easier when chain restaurants have a gluten free menu!  If gluten free pasta isn't on par with "normal" standard for taste and texture- I don't want it.


    They may not offer it because of the "gluten free trend" dieters- that are avoiding "white" foods like bread and pasta and order off the gluten free menu.  The chicken soup does not need any noodles, it is delicious.

  11. It was -4 last night.  we have over a foot of snow on the ground.  The drifting was really bad with this storm though.  For those that don't know, drifting is when the snow blows around.  It can leave some areas bare to the ground, and areas- like in front of the door to your house- 4 to 5 feet high.  Kids had 2 days off of school. 


    Has anyone ever noticed that kids act like little barometers?  They just get hyper active during the time the atmospheric pressure is building.

  12. Keep a food journal to keep track of the improvements.  You may have to prove the importance of the diet restrictions later on for school and such.  It will help track down sources of cross contamination or other food intolerances.


    Always have safe snacks on hand!  Even "junk" food treat rewards to replace all the daily offerings kids are given need to be on hand.  You never want the diet to seem like a punishment.

  13. I suggest you keep a food journal.  Keep track of all the foods (keep labels if possible), but keep in mind the activities and locations of these activities.  The symptoms (if any) and BM's.


    We did determine my daughter could not continue with gymnastics.  The 100 or so sit ups in the workout made her GERD symptoms flare up. (Celiac and Eosinophilic Esophagitis)


    If symptoms continue, you should go back to the pediatric gastroenterologist.  The journal will help convince the dr. that something is going on.  In certain situations like EE, the reaction continues for up to 12 days.  It may be another food allergy or intolerance.  So a referral for allergy testing would be reasonable.

  14. Some Home Free Mini cookies are free of gluten, corn, soy and peanuts.  They do have the CYA statement of made in a facility that also processes soy lecithin.


    Chebe pizza crust mix


    Annie's Rice pasta & cheddar mac n cheese *make sure it is the gluten free version as Annie's does make a few varities


    some of the Namaste mixes will also be safe


    123 gluten free sweet goodness pan bars mix is also safe (also mentions corn free baking powder in it's ingredients)

  15. Hi!  Welcome to the board!


    My daughter has been diagnosed with Celiac and Eosinophilic Esophagitis too.


    We had to find my daughter's "triggers" by doing an elimination diet.  Some great companies for allergen free products... Enjoy Life (that's going to give her back chocolate when she has to avoid soy! the chocolate chips and boom bars are fantastic!) ,Cherrybrook Farms, some of the Go Picnic choices ~great for on the go and to always have a "safe" food pack on hand.  My favorite cookbook is The Allergen-Free Baker's Handbook (How to Bake Without Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Sesame. by Cybele Pascal *You will have to substitute out any corn meal recipes or skip them*


    Some other points to go over...

    1 to ease the pain and discomfort of the damage in her esophagus ~ Slurpees/Icees, honey (this is also suggested as a type of homoepathic therapy.  The thinking behind it...  Local honey has "processed" all the local airborne allergens to a "non-reactive" product that has an antiviral and soothing properties).  Cucumbers.  My daughter's favorite go to food item is lettuce.  Think of foods that are cold, cool, and soothing like sorbets.


    2 You need to keep a food and activity journal to try and find any "trigger" that can not be identified by allergy testing.  (Keeping in mind that once activated eosinophils stay active for up to 12 days) i.e. my daughter can not handle going into horse barns, so unfortunately horse back riding lessons are out.  Heavy abdominal workouts exacerbate symptoms, therefore gymnastics is also not a sport for her.


    3 There is a list of "non-food" items that will be snacks for her.  These are lettuce, cotton candy, suckers/lollypops (refer to kids with allergies networks for additional lists and suggestions.  This is especially important if tube feeding becomes part of her healing process.  It is the proteins of the food that causes the reaction, so basic sugar or very simple proteins with low reactivity are best.  There are lists of "most non reactive foods" go back to "introducing foods to infants" lists.  Avocados are on the list and can add healthy fats back to her diet.  Bananas. great source of potassium


    4.  Your doctor can prescribe amino acid formula shakes like Splash (taste like crap and have artificial sweeteners), but she might need them.  Maybe better options have been made. 


    5  Looking for other food triggers, chick list of highest food reactivity.  (i.e. this is also the top 8 allergen list)  These are the foods with the most complex protein chains for the body to break down.  For some reason peas are a high link to EE.  This is very important to a person with Celiac as pea protein/ starch is used in gluten free products, especially Kinnicknick (probably spelled that wrong) brand.


    6  Get a blood test to find out what vitamin and mineral defiencies she has right now.  It is very likely if you live in the mid-west that she is vitamin D deficient right now.  Some vitamin and mineral supplementation need to be doctor supervised.


    7  Your mind set needs to be on foods she can eat!  Simple statement when you are freaking out by what she can't eat, but healthy positive attitude is key.  Celiac is lifelong and EE is a "mystery" which may have hope of growing out of. (it has airborne triggers for some and my be an environmental issue in part or whole)


    Sorry for some of disjointed thoughts, but I just can't type fast enough to keep up with my brain. 


    We have a bunch of "what can I eat geniuses" here on the board, so we can always find something for her to eat! :D