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  1. Arrigato! This is our first time. We speak a little, but have tons of books that we are taking with us. I am also bring Triumph Dinning cards too.(Which I will be depending on!) We are going to have an aprtment that we can cook in, but I we really would like to eat some meals out. From what I have read it seems that each resyuraunt specilizes in only one type of cuisine. (Ie sushi, shabu shabu) Which may make things a bit tricky.

    My basic plan is the same as yours! I know mus$#&a is steamed, but other than that I could use some basic celiac phrases if you have any.

    I do know that most food seems to be cooked with shoyu. ARe rice noodles popular there? I havent seen much about that, I know that soba (unless 100% BW is popular there) udon, and ramen are all out. Food is scaring me the most.

    Also we are planning to goto Koyasan and stay at a temple for 2 nights. This comes with food I know, I am not sure what else there will be in the area, resturaunt wise. The thing with this is It is all vegetrian, i know that means there is fu (i belive thats what its called, wheat gluten) is plentiful in the cooking.

    Any other tips you can give would be a HUGE help! I really apprieciate this!


  2. Jillian .

    Thanks again for all your help.


    Those location of Legal Seafood are both near my house. Thanks for the information. I'll be sure to check them out.


    Legal Seafoods is great! We went there for my birthday and the managers take care of all the gluten-free orders. They were sooo great. We ordered the gluten-free calamari (which was not good, ps avoid the gluten-free fried seafood, not exciting) and we tasted it and dint like it at all but i figured wed bring it home and cook it with some sauce or something and they offered to take it off the bill for us. Soooo great there.

    Also charlie browns steakhouses are really good and have gluten-free menus and great for big parties. Not sure where they are in nasssau but there is one in commack right off the sagitokos pkwy

  3. No Lauri--I didn't make it to the meeting. The pollen wars are so bad here right now and I was so sick last Tuesday--I came home from work and went to bed. I work at Island Optical Center on Main, near the library. One of our eyewear reps is married to a member of the group--I can't think of her name, but his is Tony. I just emailed Barb about being sick--I will be at the vendor fair too, volunteered for as much time as my body will allow me to give. I guess we will meet soon, won't we. Deb

    Yah Deb! I live right by where you work! see you at the fair! :D

  4. I really think they are. I couldn't eat at my favorite Thai place because noone thier spoke english, but when I got the cards, everything was fine again. They now make me special dishes, leaving out soy sauce, etc and I haven't gotten sick there once. As soon as theres a language barrier, I think they are critical. I have also have numerous servers thank me profusely just for having them. They aren't that expensive either, I got the pack of six, which was around twelve dollars with shipping. I don't go anywhere without them now.



    I just orded them on everyones reccomendation! Im so excited to try em out!

  5. Hi everyone,

    I'm still trying to find a good birth control pill and would like to take Yasmin. I can't find much info about it because it's relatively new. It's not on any of the gluten-free drug lists. Has anyone ever contacted the company to verify whether it is gluten-free? I can't get through to them. Thanks for your help.

    Hi guys,

    Just got through to the company and they verified that it IS gluten-free. Yay!

    I take it and i love it! I was so scared of going on BC last mainly because of the side affects (this was pre diagnosed celiac disease) which where all maily side affects of celiac disease any ways, but i have had no other problems with it.

    That was acctually one thing i didnt think to check if it was gluten-free or not.

  6. Is open chicken souvlaki generally safe? I'm not positive, but isn't the marinade oil and vinegar and spices???

    usally, as long as they cook everything fresh.

    I know when i make souvlaki (which is ALL the time!!)

    its just olive oil lemon juice garlic and parsley plus salt and pepper

    Greek is acctually the one place ive been thinking about trying to eat out at lately.

    I was diagnosed 3 months ago and slightly freaked out about eating out.


  7. Don't they make their breads "on site"? I wouldn't eat there because of contamination. Flour in the air takes a long time to settle and would contaminate the whole area. No thanks!!

    i do know that the panera by me makes it bread at 10pm at night till about 3-4 in the am ( i was going to work there!) im thinking that by the time things settle its before lunch type food prep starts


  8. Im so excited to read this, though there are none in ny My future SIL lives in boston and this will be my first summer going to see her and being celiac, ive been searching for gluten-free places in boston, and there's one there!

    If anyone knows of anything else in Boston id love to hear about it!


  9. I live in East Islip,

    You live in east islip?! I live ther too! How crazy! i just went to my first meeting there last week!

    im also helping out at the vendor fair june 11 too!

    Where you there at the may 06 meeting?


  10. hey there!

    I was just diagnosed about 3 months ago! I live on li too!

    The local celiac group is having a vendor fair in june, i just posted info about it here!

    you should check it out! and also the celiac group meets the 1st tuesday of the month, then plan meals out and pretty much hang out and eat gluten-free stuff together. very cool people!

    if you want info on that lemme know!


    my aim> vaguelyvogue

  11. Hey!

    I live in suffolk county

    the local Celiac group is having a vendor fair June 11th if anyone is interested! You can try new things!

    Heres the info!:

    Gluten Free Vendor Fair

    Sunday June 11th 2006


    hosted by Comfy Cusine 100 Nancy Street West Babylon, NY

    Vendors: (Just a partial List!!)

    Comfy Cusine

    Wild By Nature

    Silly Yak Shirts

    Sweet Karma Bakery

    Buckwheat Distributers

    Mamas Italian resuraunt

    Everybody Eats

    Whole foods market

    Juice Plus

    gluten-free living magazine

    gluten-free naturals

    Eart's Remidies

    Good Eatz

    Food Tek

    MR. Ritts Bakery


    Celiac Chicks

    Special Guest Rory Jones Co Author of "Celiac Disease: A hidden epidemic"

    You will also be able to purchase gluten-free items all in one location with no S/H!

    Everyone that attends will recieve their choice of one Entree and one Pizza from comfy cuisine just for visiting the fair!

    also for anyone driving there, the owner of comfy cusine assured us that parking is NOT an issue (and that you may ignore the no parking signs!) Because this is an industrial area and the other local bussinesses are not there that day!

    Plus I'll be there helping out!

    If you have any questions or need any info you can email me at laurichick@gmail.com

  12. WOW! its weird cause i was on Lexapro (which messed with my heart, fine now that im off it)

    And switched to effexor (which i didnt feel as good on as lexapro) effexor left me feeling not depressed but i felt VERY flat. But when i weaned off of effexor (which make sure you do otherwise it can be very bad for you!!!!)i felt like a million bucks. Mind you i was on all this before i was diagnosed with celiac. I went off the effxor for obvious reasons, but then i read this article on (the body blues i started taking all the vitamins and getting sunlight and walkign, and i felt like million bucks.

    I also went to therapy too while on effexor, so i think that helped me out too.

    I havent been on Ad's since jan. and im feeling better. since ive be diagnosed with celiac disease (only a month) ive bene a bit bummed feeling but not the way i used to feel. I think mainly because im still finding food in general fusterating.

    anyways now that ive rambled, i think what i meant to include was that when i went effexor i felt fine and no withdrawel type symptoms. as long as you taper of fyou should be fine but if your feeling cruddy post and we'll make you feel better! :)



    oh ps, when i made the switch i took a 2 week "vaction" from meds to let thigns clear out and what not.

  13. i'm curious to see if anyone has tried a raw diet to help with healing and weight issues. i know there are several different takes on this (with several different dietary implementations), but i am most interested in a predominantly raw diet with raw dairy and cooked meats. any thoughts?

    My friend is a raw foodist and her diet is just raw fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains.

    Defianlty no dairy or meat.